James Ray Confronts Those Rumors at Last! (Lawyer Spin)

January 22, 2010

The latest assault on the English language has been squeezed out by the team at James Ray International, kindly noted by Rick Ross Forum commenter, Stoic.

Presenting information in a misleading or confusing way, surreptitiously twisting the meaning of commonly used words, and using all kinds of other rhetorical manoeuvres are the tools of James’s trade. These are the kinds of linguistic tricks Ray uses to get people to sign their money and lives away, and some of the more obvious ones are on display here.

To be fair to his team, they don’t have it easy. You’re not supposed to notice they are doing it, but when you’re using them to struggle this hard against reality, it sticks out like dog’s balls.

They open with a vacuous paragraph, which finishes so:

The victims were friends and students…

Holy heck. A fact! Well done team, I really didn’t think you could do it. It’s the last one for today, though.

…He cared deeply for all of them.

Very nice, but he didn’t contact the family of Liz Neuman while they spent nine days by her side as she lay in a coma, and he’d known her for seven years. The majority of witness statements say he was uncaring, inactive and indifferent to them and cite numerous shocking examples. Former employees who witnessed Ray’s actions during and in the days after thought he was uncaring, cited examples and left the firm on ethical grounds.

Then we get into the guts of it. They have split it up into The rumor and The facts. The facts can wait. First, the rumors – what does JRI want you to think they are being accused of?

The rumor: James Ray and his team constructed the sweat lodge

Rubbish. This has not been suggested since the earliest news reports.

The rumor: That Spiritual Warrior participants were sleep and food deprived

This isn’t a “rumor”, it’s been asserted as fact by numerous participants that it was part of the group structure. It is a very simple question of fact. If the group was so structured that they only got about an hour of sleep for days on end, that counts as sleep deprivation.

From the witness statements:

XXX said James Ray talked often about an altered state of mind. He explained that by depriving their bodies it would give them the best experience.

…She said for the entire time since arriving, they had only been allowed about one hour sleep each night and had been deprived of food and water

Looks clear enough from here.

The rumor: James Ray stopped or prevented participants from leaving the lodge

Again, this is not a “rumor”. Witness statements given to police cannot be described as a rumor if you are using the English language the same way the rest of us do. This is deliberately disrespectful to the personal integrity of those participants who spoke to police, and disrespectful of the entire legal system. Those police officers have not been gathering rumors to use against you. Thought you’d get away with reframing this situation like that? Keep practising, chump.

But let’s look closer-

….James Ray stopped or prevented participants from leaving the lodge

Again, from the witness statements:

They closed the flap starting the 7th round. It was then someone said, “she’s not breathing; I can’t get her to move”. James Ray said, “doors down; we will deal with it later”.

Or another example-

XXX said, “I witnessed the two “Dream Team” members trying to push her, physically, back into the lodge and heard Debbie Mercer [resort staff] tell the DT members “No, she does not want to go, let her go.”

Plus plenty more. Next?

The rumor: James Ray and his staff were not prepared and did little to care for participants

Two “rumors” stuck together here, despite being two totally separate and important issues. This makes it sound as if the answer to one will automatically be the answer to the other. A problem halved, as they. Sorry, JRI, I don’t agree to that agenda. I will separate them. Bad luck.

….James Ray and his staff were not prepared….

That statement by itself looks a bit different doesn’t it. It doesn’t sound like a rumor to me. It sounds more like a bland statement of a blatantly obvious fact.

…and did little to care for participants

again, from the witness rumors statements:

XXX said he crawled out on the tarp and he looked up at James Ray and his staff who were there standing up. He said he yelled at them “hey somebody needs to get in there and help these fucking people because they’re in trouble.” In response to XXX’s request James Ray looked at one of his female staffers and said “they’ll be okay.” XXX said James Ray was just standing around and looking at people. He said it looked like James Ray was not concerned.


Z said James Ray did not respond in a way to take care of them. He said as he lay out there with a lot of others who were sick, James just continued with the ceremony instead of stopping and taking care of everyone. Even afterward James Ray just sat on a chair. All he told Z was “oh you were reborn, go take a shower and go to dinner. (While CPR was being performed on two people.)

Or another, even more shocking:

XX said she watched James Ray as James Shore and Kirby Brown were being worked on and he just stood there. He then said he was going to his cabin to shower and left.

These are not “rumors”. These are damning accusations which, if true, warrant sending you to prison for an awfully long time.

The rumor: James Ray abandoned the event participants and did nothing to assist them

Again, two “rumors” stuck together. Gee, JRI is finding this so easy that they can deal with these “rumors” in twos. But look again, we already had “did nothing to assist them” so the brain will get bored hearing it again, without registering the repetition. Sorry guys, busted again.

They want to say that Ray was prevented by the sheriff, from tampering with witnesses, but that isn’t why they feel abandoned. See the above witness statements.

Now we get to some of the minor -ahem- rumors.

The rumor: James Ray played God and/or had a God complex

Again, it is not a “rumor” that James played God. It is a factual statement. And again “paired rumors” to blur the issue. One is a fact, the other an opinion, yet paired as if one answer fits both. And actually, in this case it does. He played his demented, abusive God Game for six freaking hours. Counts as a God complex for me.

X described a game they played called the Samuri game where they were warriors and James Ray was God. She said the game lasted for about 6 hours. They could eat dinner, but could not speak to one another. The game was played against other teams. Part of it was challenges such as who could stare the longest, stand on one foot or hold books. If one of the participants died they had to fall down right where they were and could not move. If they did move another team member died. At the end of the game everyone left joined into one team and God granted them an honorable death and the women had to pretend to plunge a knife into their necks and fall to the ground. The men were to plunge a pretend sward into their stomach, twist and fall to the ground.

The rumor: James Ray is obsessed with death and dying

Irrelevant. And you’ve probably realized by now that they don’t put full stops (or periods – whatever you yanks call them) at the end of the rumors, as if they don’t even count as sentences. Play all these little mind games as much as you want guys, but doing it at a time like this reveals your intentions, and lack of respect for the people on the receiving end of this agitprop.

The rumor: James Ray takes steroids that may cloud his judgment

A minor issue, yet to be raised to a serious accusation, pending concrete information. But extremely funny whatever the case! You idiot, Ray. You hypocrite!

The rumor: James Ray is a guru and this was a cult


NOTE: I changed the sequence JRI presented these in. These trivial ones were scattered in between the homicide rumors accusations to try and confuse and trivialize the issues even more, and the rest were in an illogical and confusing sequence. I re-ordered them the way a healthy brain would want.

Possibly coming soon!!! I might even go back and wade throught their THE FACTS section soon. Really you could just swap the titles – the rumor/the facts – around, and everything would suddenly make perfect sense.


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