Trying to defend James Ray AND the LoA

February 8, 2010

This scammer, Antonio Thornton, reckons he’s been selling the Law of Attraction to people for twenty years.  Of course, when a Master Practitioner and poster boy for the LoA kills four people and finishes up behind bars, the customers might start asking a few questions.

If they have been well trained, the questions will be  pretty tame. All they really want is reassurance,  so just about any lame ass answer will satisfy them, no matter how bizarre the implications might be.

First, he tells us Ray is innocent. He knows this because he’s met him, and he’s a good guy and he just knows such a good guy didn’t mean to kill people.

Well that’s a brilliant defense of Ray, and well done, but if you had’ve read the papers you would know that no one is accusing Ray of intending to kill people. But if the charges ever get raised to murder, I’m sure Ray’s lawyers will be contacting you for help.

Next, did Ray attract this?

Yes, says Antonio, he did. Well he has to say that because if he said No that would be the end of his LoA scam and he’d have to find something else to sell, and there’s not many other products around as easy, flexible and popular as the LoA.

But saying that Ray attracted it, means that if you use the LoA properly, as prescribed and implemented by a Master Practitioner like James Ray, you can

suddenly and inexplicably

find yourself in leg irons facing a triple manslaughter charge, even though you didn’t want it to happen and you are a person of the highest character and integrity.

“Holy heck, that’s terrifying!”, his customers must be saying. “How the hell can that happen? How can I stop something like that happening to me if I use the LoA?”

Thornton doesn’t know. He thinks that our thoughts do it somehow – and that Ray’s thoughts did it to him somehow, but he doesn’t know how and no one can know how. Good, that’s that settled then.

The LoA really does work, of course – it’s a law of nature, just like the law of gravity. We know this for a fact. Honestly.

You can get limitless wishes granted by the universe if you pay someone like Antonio to teach you how to use the LoA, but you might also finish up in prison. This should not be seen as something “negative” of course. Obviously it’s part of your learning, your growth and your higher purpose.

And you might also suddenly discover that four people who used to be alive are now dead because of your actions.

Now that might be tragic for their families, especially if they don’t understand how the LoA works, and you should pray for them and maybe send them a two dollar condolence card. But don’t let it get to you. You know in your heart that this is all about YOUR growth. Don’t be drawn into other peoples negative emotions.



  1. Good grief. “The laws of the universe”. We know how they work, but we don’t know what they are or how they work. But the LOA, well, it’s all scientifical, because science knows when you’re thinking, but it’s this huge variable in the equation… Let’s see if we can frame this correctly:

    M=amount of manic action on behalf of JAR
    x=number of potential marks
    D=number of dead victims
    I=number of injured victims
    L=laws of the universe
    U=unknown idiocy in JAR’s head

    Therefore: U/L = dx/dy((789362I-4D)^x + (0.62S +0.38N)^xy + M^y )

    Does that seem about right? Do ya’ think is sciencifically provable?

    Gimme a break.

  2. Thank you Dave. That is incredibly funny. I’ve been chuckling about it all day.

  3. That is great! You could really mess with people’s minds by asking,”Now what part of U/L = dx/dy((789362I-4D)^x + (0.62S +0.38N)^xy + M^y )DON’T you understand?

  4. […] brings us to the James Ray problem. I’ve dealt a couple of times here with the difficulty people have had protecting the LoA, while simultaneously claiming James Ray is […]

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