Cancer Quack v. WordPress #1

February 22, 2010

Cancer Quack 1 : WordPress 0

Cancer quack Andreas Moritz seems to have threatened WordPress with a “hefty lawsuit” for hosting a blogpost criticial of naturopathy. Like most woos, he sees any criticism as a personal attack, rather than an opportunity for assessment, refelection and reasoned response.

Updated 22 Feb, 23 Feb….

What exactly happened is still not clear to me. Here is a brief account of the incident by Mike Hawkins, and see this comment, as well the other articles in the side bar.

It seems there is a bit of history to the dispute, and WordPress offered Mike Hawkins, the offending blogger, the chance to alter his post. The matter was not resolved to the satisfaction of WordPress, resulting in the blog being shut down, and the gloating quack romping all around the internet claiming some kind of victory.

While I’m waiting for WordPress to get back to my request for clarification of their position and deciding whether or not I should move to another host, I’ll post a collection of links evaluating the value of Moritz’s work.

Andreas Moritz is a cancer quack by PZ Myers

Andreas Moritz and trying to shut down valid scientific criticism: A sine qua non of a quack by Orac

The “wisdom” of cancer cells? – earlier post by Orac

Dangerous idiot with bogus medical advice – earlier post by PZ Myers

Naturopaths Can Silence Critics Too – about the incident, and see comments from the naturopath, criticism of whom started all this. By Steve Novella

Andreas Moritz Cancer Cures Quack by Skeptico

Andreas Moritz, medical quack, finds a victim from The Daily Kos

Articles on Moritz from the Skeptics Dictionary – here and here

And a collection of articles from Mike Hawkins’ current blog.

UPDATE 22 Feb:

Still waiting to hear back from WordPress. Meanwhile here’s a good short article:

Alternative Cancer Quack Andreas Moritz Gets WordPress.com Blog Shuttered
The larger shame here goes to WordPress.com for silencing Hawkins in the first place. Its silence is revolting. If you’re a blogger doing anything remotely controversial, you’d be better off hosting WordPress on a site like Dreamhost. If someone challenges you on your WordPress.com content, make sure you have your files backed up, because the company will not have your back.

Worrying: WordPress shut down a Blog of a Student Critizing the Naturopath Christopher Maloneyfrom Laika’s MedLibLog


  1. That is so interesting,Yakaru. Anti-science,anti-medicine people have been spouting this nonsense for a long time,but the internet has allowed them to reach a larger audience. I’d not heard of Moritz,but had recently argued with someone about Bruce Lipton and what a nut he is. Does Moritz have a substantive following? People here in the US whose children die as a result of rejecting medical treatment, go to prison. Shouldn’t people like Moritz be held accountable,too?

  2. Bruce Lipton seems to be mad as a hatter, and seems to be making an even bigger effort than most to market his dreamy sciencey fancies as if they are real science. The internet is a great place for discussing things with these types, coz you can challenge them to provide the studies they claim support them. They haven’t learned that the tricks that used to work in the cafe or the party don’t work on the internet.

    Of course, there are sincere and good spiritual types who really help people, but they are not the ones ruthlessly promoting themsleves or claiming that science supports them. They are usually just doing good normal therapy with a bit of spiritual stuff as window dressing.

    I’d also never heard of Moritz, but he’s certainly positioning himself to appear like the hero who stood up to those narrow minded bigoted scientists. I for one will do what I can to minimise the good publicity he gets.

    Hopefully WordPress will realise the mistake they’ve made.

  3. […] How Not to Argue Like a Complete Fool 2010 February 23 tags: Andreas Moritz by Yakaru You may be aware that WordPress had blocked a science blog after a spurious threat of a libel suit, by an even more spurious cancer quack. (Cancer Quack v. WordPress #1) […]

  4. Some more information on Bruce Lipton:

    (Collection of artciles from science Blogs)

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