David Schirmer, Squirmin’ in the USA

February 23, 2010

Hey Secret fans, lost one guru? Get one for free, for only $97.

David Squirmer, the only — that’s right, the ONLY Australian to appear in The Secret will be in the USA in March.

He will be representing God and selling God’s version of The Secret, not that crappy non-Christian version some of the other cheapskates have been selling.

God as he appears in The Secret

Missing James? Don’t worry, see David instead. But be quick!

And be prepared to wait.

NB: The unfortunate fellow seen guarding ther toilet door quit soon after for ethical reasons.

UPDATE: Schirmer has had it removed again, so here it is on vimeo.

For further inquiries see

Salty Droid on Schirmer

Schirmer Exposed

Cosmic Connie on Schirmer (scroll through and look around a bit – encyclopedic!)



  1. This is the first I’ve ever seen of Schirmer. He is a slime ball! So he’s headed to the States permanently, indefinitely, what’s the story there? I wonder if he’ll go out to Sedona to support his pal,Jimmy Boy.

    How are these thieves not prosecuted? Do they swim around business and trade law just to get by with their crimes?

  2. I don’t really know all that much about him, for the same reason that I don’t know much about different types of parasitic worm that can impair various bodily functions.

    There is one totally idiotic video where he insists that the media coverage of the death lodge will cause multiple deaths. Apparently at the end he blames satan for the deaths Ray caused, but I haven’t been willing to sacrifice the necessary brain cells to watch that far.

    He has a weird family history – was initially scamming with his brother, who got locked up for despicable crimes against young children. That doesn’t reflect anything on DS, but suggests a deeply disturbed family background, with probable consequences in the “social responsibility” areas of brain function.

    I understand he’s avoided fraud charges so far because the contracts his clients sign are full of loop holes. The laws need to be tightened up.

    Here’s the link for part one of the documentary where they expose him.

    It’s a bit cruel, and I don’t approve of that form of journalism, but what the heck. He attracted it.

  3. […] THEY Tell you it’s negative to criticise them YOU “Get Over It” if it hurts THEY Hide in the toilets or flee in the middle of the night YOU Walk their talk (or try) THEY Take the money and […]

  4. Oh too good, that guys is such a slime ball. I read that he’s been accused by the Australian Authorities of doing things deceitfully so thats the secret I guess. He attracted everything thing he got and god grant him a ton more just for posterity.

  5. Not just accused, but permanently banned from providing financial services!


    That is probably why he’s been trying to settle in the US. He got so desperate at one point that he was trying to grab onto James Ray’s coat tails, by making public statements of support. (Including a claim that media coverage of Ray’s crimes would cause numerous deaths.)

  6. Schirmer has one brother who has lost an arm to drugs. He has another that has been jailed for child molestation, he has another who committed suicide to avoid being committed if you know what I mean, he has a sister in new zealand who by comparison to her twisted brothers is apparently relatively normal. I think there are more boys than that but god knows where the rest of them are and really does appear that some things do run in families. I dont feel sorry for people like this because they are too arrogant and self centered to get help. Schirmer would be speaking our for Ray hoping to get noticed but instead the whole thing has backfired on him because he was doing it for his own gain. Now he has gone one better and is spruiking religion. Send him over to the US of A, he’ll get more than hell to be sure.

  7. Actually it wont matter where Schirmer settles his history is documented for all the world to see whether he planned that or not.

  8. That link to schirmers website would actually be interesting except you can tell he wrote the lot of it about himself. Doh!

  9. Interesting – I only knew about the child molesting brother, not all the others. Sounds like you know more about him than you would perhaps wish to.

    I should cover him more on this blog I guess, but that would mean subjecting my brain to images and words that it just doesn’t want to be subjected to, and others have done a good job of skewering him. That vid of him hiding in the toilets is one that should be seen by anyone interested in any get rich quick scheme from the “trust me I’m spiritual and this is magic” crowd.

  10. Ok ok. Now who is ready to play a game?

    Let’s place bets on who will be the next Secret teacher to end up in utter disgrace. I have a totally irrational feeling that they will now start going down like flies one after the other. IT will be called The Secret Curse.

    Take your picK (from those I remember):

    Bob Proctor
    Loral Jeggermeister (:p)
    Rev (sic) Michael Beckwitt
    Dr. De Martini
    Dr. John Hagelin (my pick)
    Dr. (wtf?) Joe Vitale
    Dr. Fred Alan wolfe (who should have lost his scientific credibility long ago)
    John Assaraf
    Bob Doyle
    Jack Canfield
    Esther hicks (i hate this bitch) Her husband has already attracted cancer and a spider bite.
    Lisa Nichols
    Marie Diamond
    Bill Harris (who sells overpriced snake oil too)
    John Gray
    Marci Shimoff
    Lee Brown
    Mike Dooley
    Ben Johnson
    Hale Dwoskin (who also sells overpriced stuff, which I otherwise like)

    Others were less meaningful.

  11. Ok, my bet is the not very Reverend Michael Beckwith. If any investigative journalists out there read this, go and dig around a bit in that guys affairs. I haven’t got a clue what he’s been up to, but just looking at that guy gives me the creeps. Even typing his name creeps me out, which is why I’ve never written anything on him. Yet.

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