Dumbass Statements by James Ray’s Legal Team

February 25, 2010

With James Ray probably about to be unleashed on society again, here’s a quick review of some of the stupider things Ray’s legal team came out with during the bail hearing.

“Despite misconceptions perpetrated in the media, Mr. Ray is not a man of significant assets and certainly not the millions reported in the press.”

Let me assist you in everything from setting and achieving your goals to building the million dollar lifestyle you deserve.- James Ray


“Ray himself has touted his wealth and success in numerous media interviews and on his Web site, including an estimated $10 million in revenue in 2009 and a seven-figure advance for his book, “Harmonic Wealth” that hit the New York Times Best Sellers List in May 2008.” [link]

[Li] said Ray’s bond was set with poorly researched financial information, based on the assumption that his main company was making a lot of money.

Richard Lee Echols, a fraud examiner from an investigative arm of the Justice Department, detailed Ray’s accounts from a stack of over 900 submitted documents standing over a foot tall.

James Ray only earned about $100 in product sales in the last month.

See? That only works out to be $1200 a year. Ray has actually been living well below the poverty line.

“There is two and a half months of approximately $900 000 a month that is missing. I would like to know where that is, as a fraud examiner.” (Echols again.)

“If Bill Gates got in an accident in Yavapai County, his bond would be set at $2 billion,” Li said.

I predict: if they keep going with this “accident” nonsense they will run into big trouble in the trial. That strategy was dreamed up before the witness statements were released showing a long history of negligent, indifferent and extreme risk taking in earlier sweat lodges and groups in general. Everything about Ray’s behaviour since then confirms this. (And if Bill Gates was charged with a triple manslaughter, maybe they wouldn’t let him out at all.)

Witness called by the defense, Ray’s bookkeeper, Alex Smyth:
“My opinion that he’s not a flight risk is simply that being a man of wanting to lead by example, being that his very business is about showing people a good example of how to be people of integrity, there’d be no reason for him to behave that way.” [Link]

Not surprised he stumbled a bit over that statement. He managed to keep a straight face though.

Bail bondsman Jeff Wilhelm:
“He is not a flight risk because this is the kind of case a defendant would certainly like to contest and fight.”

Yup, it’s an open and shut case. The man is innocent. The witnesses are lying and it’s just a coincidence that dozens of them independently tell the same lies….Actually, this statement clearly implies that Ray would be a flight risk if this wasn’t kind of case he’d want to fight!

Luis Li’s closing statement:
“What’s happening here is wrong. It’s just plain wrong. It’s like the state created special rules for Mr. Ray, that he should get the highest bond in Yavapai County history.”

Yup, if anyone creates a special set of rules for Mr Ray, it’ll be be Mr Ray himself, thank you very much.



  1. Good work! You’re a good investigator. I wanted to ask if you’re aware of this Hermia Nelson who was interviewed at the courthouse and told reporters that Ray needs to “tell his side of the story”! They better NOT get out there on television! What happened to the gag order? If he and his team start talking,the victims’ families and/or spokespersons must do whatever they can to counteract this. I’ll support anyway that I’m able. I can’t travel now because I have family obligations,but I can research, write, send emails. There is no way he can be allowed to manipulate any further. Hippo and some of the other bloggers would definitely help out. This might sound crazy, but I envisioned widespread Ray book burnings after seeing the youtube video.

    Back to Hermia Nelson, she posted a few weeks ago at Cassandra Yorgey. I looked her up then. She lives in New York,originally from Hong Kong and sells supplements and is a Life Trainer/Coach. She’s in his inner circle World Wealth something, but I don’t remember where I saw that. She’s very instrumental in this case and I get the creeps,literally cold chills, when I read about her or see her photos.

    (BTW, did you see my post at SD with the picture of Hitchcock’s Norman Bates? SAME insane face as Death Ray,except Bates is looking down, Ray looking up.)

  2. I haven’t seen Hermia Nelson yet (here in Germany I’m limited to what I can find in the net) but she sounds like just the sort of person Ray will be looking for now. They’re welcome to each other! She even knows the hypocritical propaganda that ray so loves – “needs to tell his side of the story” – exactly! The sherrif’s office is still waiting.

    I agree totally that it’s important to keep exposing the lies and BS. Ray & Co are fighting a PR war, essentially against the families and the victims. I think we just need to keep noting what they say and refer it back to reality.

    He will keep running seminars, probably – it’s all he knows, but I think anyone who goes to him at this point has had fair warning. I hope a few people show up and just sit at the back and take notes, to be put on the internet.

    I’ll check up a bit on “Hernia” Nelson. Feel free to post a link or two, or a few more photos!

  3. Yakaru,

    Here are some links. Can you access the news reports? She seems to have attended the hearings. But is she the “girlfriend” or pretended to be his girlfriend in order to get in? She seems to be willing to do anything for him and I get the feeling she is very wealthy.

    This where I first learned of her,at Cassandra Yorgey under the comment by “HN”- http://www.examiner.com/x-11245-Philadelphia-Speculative-Fiction-Examiner~y2010m2d8-Breaking-news-2nd-secret-James-Ray-conference-call

    She was accepting interviews after the murders-http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2009/oct/22/self-help-millionaire-has-held-seminars-county/

    Look at the 5 pillars of ray’s hype-http://time4abundance.com/About_Us_OL9A.html

    This is the set of the World Wealth Society New Year party-http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesray/3181164554/in/set-72157612290266135/

    Here’s a connection to Germany-http://www.importgenius.com/importers/usa-hermia-nelson.html

  4. Hi again, Yakaru,

    Here’s my armchair criminal profiler/crime solver work of the day, then I’m off to take care of business.

    I sense that Hermia Nelson and some others are going to try to re-create Death Ray. Although we know he is deranged, she and others are very attached to him and will not let his image die. They’re heavily invested financially, maybe emotionally,and are in complete denial.They NEED him to be who they thought he was.

    From that bill of lading, to which I sent you the link, and from reading “Hernia’s” professional profile, she deals in nutritional supplements and life coaching. Ray can undergo body-building product ingestion,engage in exercise, botox and collagen injections,rest somewhere in seclusion, then re-emerge as the new improved james ray.

    When I first learned of this man last October, I noticed he has strabismus,cross eyes, which worsened while he was in jail. Have you also noticed this? In many pictures it’s apparent. Eye drops,patches,and corrective glasses help it. Surgery is most effective. However,stress or absence of superficial treatment can trigger it. That’s why his eyes are so crossed in those photos from yesterday. That’s their normal state!

    There is evidence that strabismus can lead to mental illness. Not only because of the physical problems associated with poor focus, but also due to bullying and rejection by peers.


    Last October I ran across a black and white photo of Ray as a teen. He had very thick glasses and looked like the type who would have been bullied and rejected by girls. I am not a person who cares about people’s appearance at all, just aware of what bullying can do to someone psychologically. Especially when they are ” obsessed with getting what they can’t have” as Ray describes himself growing up.

    There are studies that suggest bullying can actually CREATE killers and sex offenders. For example,Joel Rifkin, says that’s what “made” him rape and kill. Have you seen the rumors about ray strangling and reviving cats? Do you know if there’s any validity to these claims? If they are true,death ray was an erotic asphyxiation mass murderer at an early age.

    Okay. That’s my theory. Let me know what you think. I’ve been putting that information together for months. In high school,I wanted to become an FBI agent,but was told there was a height requirement of 5’8″. I only reached 5’6.5″. So I became an educator but have always been interested in criminal profiling and critical thinking skills.

  5. Thanks for the links, Jean. I miss a lot of the background to all this stuff.

    The World Wealth Society folks are probably all desperate to get their Jamie back, coz they pay 60k year to get best seats at all Death Ray events. They don’t want to be rocking up to Camp Verde Correctional to see him performing in the Christmas Pantomime.

    Hernia works for a “humanitarian organization” in NY? It should be audited immediately. I wonder which one.

    ….Ok, found it – she’s involved in “Compassion Happens” – where the brilliance of business meets the passion of philanthropy. Invest $79 a month, and 10-25% gets invested in micro loans. The other 90% gets…um…well…er you can see from the chart, you can earn a residual income from it. http://www.compassionhappens.com/pages/perfect.html

    Essentially, they are saying, this is spiritual and quantum, so the normal rules of math don’t apply.

    Interesting you point her out. There’s quite a bit about her, including this quote:
    But Hermia Nelson, 45, from New York, says the two “Spiritual Warrior” retreats she attended were intense and cathartic. “You go into super-turbo-therapy mode, and he makes you get into all those things you have hidden,” she said.

    I imagine Ray will be happy for any friends he’s got. She’s probably already picked out a thumb ring from the jewellers.

    I did notice something weird with Ray’s eyes, but I didn’t realise it was strabismus. You are probably right that he’ll need some time in seclusion to get the “health supplements” he clearly needs to keep himself looking kinda half healthy.

    I really wonder, though what he’s going to sell in his seminars. He can’t really sell himself as a rich guy anymore after what his lawyers said about him, and all that create your own reality stuff is probably also going to sound a bit thin at the moment.

    Maybe some sicko stuff about all the mystical insights he had during his incarceration.

    I saw the claim about him strangling cats, and I thought the comment didn’t have anything that would flag it as obvious BS. But I don’t think one can make too much out of it. I wouldn’t put it past him though, and he is certainly psycho enough for it to be true. Playing god for 6 hours with chicks dressed up as the death angels is a mark of a true sociopath. He is clearly a deeply disturbed individual.

    …Too short for the FBI? Oh well, interests in crime and spirituality are two hobbies that mix quite well!

  6. Also this about Madam Hernia:

    Hermia Nelson, 45, said she and others have been holding conference calls and prayer circles in support of Ray’s release and was hopeful that he now might speak out about his side of the story and continue his teachings.
    “His teachings absolutely need to go on, in whatever form I’m sure it will become clear down the road what that will be,” said Nelson, of New York.

    So they’ve been praying for ray’s release. Sickos.

    But yeah, looks like she’s positioning herself as a key player. Good luck, lady. You’re gonna need it.

  7. On her tweets,which are still visible, Hernia seems to have pursued death ray with a vengeance. http://twitter.com/HermiaNelson

    How do you think Schwirmer will figure into this, if at all?

    The idea of worldwide james ray book burnings(with permits and only legally planned,of course)is very intriguing. Hey,it happened to the Beatles and they didn’t even deserve it. What inspired the idea of book burnings was the youtube video I ran across and posted about on Salty’s site. Did you see it?

  8. With book burnings, my feeling is that as a one off personal statement fine, but as a mass action, book burning would be open to too many different interpretations. Pulping them would probably be better, though less dramatic. Ray is fighting a PR war, and that needs to be opposed. I think what you are doing is great – commenting on many news sites, opposing fawning commenters etc. Their strategy is to avoid the facts and try and swamp everyone with propaganda and distortions. Just bringing them back to the facts is extremely powerful and effective.

    Hernia’s twitters are interesting. What a slimer she is. She’s seen her opportunity to get close to Mr God and is going for it. And of course, she gets to slime her way into his social network. (Squirmer’s trying to do it too of course, but expect even Ray will ignore him, especially given that Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale got burned in their association with him.)

    I wonder how long her tweets will be visible. Interest way to keeps tabs on what ray’s up to, coz she’ll blab it to the world.

  9. Actually the book burning idea is an emotional reaction. I realize that such demonstrations in this era can be quite volatile. For instance, anarchists take advantage of any peaceful protest to violently further their agenda. I’m definitely not into anything that can produce violence or cause more harm to people.

    I grew up during the 60s and 70s and remember when there were peaceful public demonstrations. The type of protest that would be most effective in this case is like the banner placed by Kirby Brown’s loved ones on the building by ray’s offices..

    I’m brainstorming some things that might prove useful to combat the positive PR that ray’s team will be spouting. My daughter is half Native American and we both are well connected to various tribes in Oklahoma. We’ve discussed some ideas about how to connect those tribal governments with the tribal leaders who have already filed a lawsuit against JRI.

  10. Brainstorm away Jean, there is so much to do against this entire movement…

    I understand where you’re coming from with book burning. No doubt there’s more leeway with such things in the US. Such a thing here in Germany would probably be illegal. There’s a memorial here in Berlin at the site of a big Nazi book burning – so it all has a totally different associations here! Here, there would probably be more sympathy for smashing all the windows in the JRI building – which would no doubt be condemned in the States.

    I assume you’ve seen the police interview with Lee PLentywolf.
    It seems Ray’s mob were trying to find a Lakota who would vouch for Ray’s credentials. Strangely they don’t seem to have had any success.

  11. There is something very strange about this case.
    I mean, even a child knows that burning pressed wood is lethal. The smoke has a yellow-hue and the smell is enough to set of the alarm-bell in most adults. Secondly, the lodge itself.
    The question is not what people think about his ideas, his strange teaching methods (even modern psyco-therapists dress up and do rituals, like getting their clients to burn their clothes, or face their fears in odd ways), the question is: did this man set out to murder his customers?
    And when looking over the elements involved, i think we can safely say: no he didnt. Was he responsible for the lodge? No he wasnt, it was hired. Did he put poisonous wood on the fire knowing it would kill those in the room? No.
    Was he reckless? Yes. But he was reckless in terms of ignorance of physical symptoms and also with regards to the actual process. But there is no doubt that the fatal outcome was from the wood and the design of the lodge. If you ask me those new-age hippie freaks that owned the place should carry 75% of the judgement.
    I couldnt care less about ray – but seen from europe this case is a laughing stock. Facts are facts. If you inhale the smoke, or gass, comming from pressed wood — you will die. Kids know this.

  12. Thanks for commenting, Jon.

    Actually, much of what you argue was already dealt with during the trial.

    It turns out there was no pressed or processed wood burnt by the fire keeper. No other chemicals were involved either. The lodge itself was thoroughly investigated for chemicals, and it was clearly established that there were none present that could have caused those deaths. The lodge was previously used by others, without incident, and by Ray in previous years WITH incident. The common factor was Ray and heat related illness.

    Heat stroke caused the deaths.

    The jury found Ray guilty of homicide because he misled people into thinking they were safe and would be cared for. He ignored dozens of serious warning signs and instructed others to ignore them too, promising the decedents were safe.

    He looked on passively as others were doing CPR or running off to look for a phone to call 911, despite having a cell phone himself, which he was seen talking on with an unknown party in the midst of the chaos.

    If more evidence had have been admitted about Ray’s previous sweat lodges and about the death of another participant in a Ray seminar 2 months earlier, he would have been found guilty of manslaughter, according to the foreman of the jury.

    The trial was not very well reported in the press, but there is excellent and detailed coverage of it here:


  13. I wouldnt exactly call that good coverage. This is a personal blog which has a clear opinion of this man from the get-go.
    I understand that hype always builds up around cases like this, but i never understod the american need to rip a person’s life to pieces because of an action. He could be responsible for these things and still be a good father. He can have helped thousands of people and still made a couple of big mistakes. The best thing is to stick to the facts: if people have gotten hurt during his seminars (or heat rituals) then fine: nail him for that. But dragging him through the mud and setting fire to the corpse is nothing short of a lynch mob.

    The problem when dealing with universal principles, like ray have, is that they are not clockwork. The LOA thing works, but not because of some magical wizard in the sky. And there is still plenty of room for accidents – and you can always screw things up if you want to. But as a genral rule the LOA principle works. We tend to see and get what we focus on. Nature has a way of grouping things that are the same and so (by pure accident no doubt) does the human mind ;)

  14. Also you write “The lodge itself was thoroughly investigated for chemicals” was this before or after it was burned down? I read that it was burned to the ground only hours after the incident?

    New-age hippies should not play with matches

  15. Jon,

    First, the investigators took soil samples from every part of the lodge, samples of each part of the covering, structure, the rocks used for heat, the wood that was burnt and examined for every possible toxic chemical. Initially they assumed that the deaths must have been caused by toxic chemicals and suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. The fire keeper (the man who Ray told police was in charge of the lodge) suggested maybe there was something in the wood.

    It was all thoroughly investigated and every one of the long list of possible toxins that the defense team spent months speculating about was excluded as a possible cause.

    So you are wrong about that.

    As for me “ripping” James Ray apart, you don’t seem to be aware of what Ray and his lawyers have been doing to the victims in this case. His defense is based squarely on blaming others for Ray’s stupid and sadistic errors, and the propaganda campaign that has been waged in public has been aimed at disguising and promoting Ray’s fundamentally abusive methods.

    The tone I used is backed up by the facts. And the facts is what people like you always avoid discussing. Your attack on me, on the other hand, is completely overblown. “[D]ragging him through the mud and setting fire to the corpse is nothing short of a lynch mob”.

    Writing some factual statements on a blog and then adding some personal assessments about them is actually quite a lot short of a lynch mob. You, and all the others who use this kind of ridiculous language (“witch hunt” is another favorite of those who think new age “teachers” should be exempt from all criticism) do not know what the word means.

    Lynching — a truly horrifying thing which still happens in the US — involves the calculated use of extreme sadistic violence on a powerless victim.

    Ray is a bestselling author whose words have reached millions; I am a blogger. Ray has been accompanied by security guards ever since his rise to fame, (mainly for effect and stop people talking to him socially, even at post-event dinners); I am not even advocating walking up to him and insulting him.

    The language you are using against me is way more unfair than anything I have ever written about Ray anywhere.

    Isn’t it.

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