James Ray: The Expanding Psychopath

March 3, 2010

Since James Ray‘s release on bail he has resumed his constant tweeting, giving his followers a much needed re-education.

He has already explained to his followers that Universal Source Energy or Spirit always and only has one objective… that’s fuller expression and expansion. And that it is totally impartial to what you intend as long as it’s in alignment with fuller expression and expansion.

In other words, if you intend something, it may turn out differently to how you planned it. Say for example, you weren’t planning to kill three people in a sweat lodge, but it happened anyway. Should you be held responsible? What is the universal measure of guilt?

Ray certainly absolutely definitely clearly remembers asking himself that question before entering the death lodge, and the answer was a clear yes. He wanted to help people expand their energy through out of body experiences.

Indeed, Universal Source Energy U S Ed him for this purpose,  allowing three people to choose to remain expanded in the next dimension.

And furthermore, Universal Source Energy was impartial to poor James’s intentions when it used him as its instrument of fate to achieve it’s higher purpose (of killing people).


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