James Ray’s Deadly Helpers: Hiding Behind a Lie

March 8, 2010

Detective Diskin: There’s been a lot of people calling us, upset about Colleen Conway and the way that was handled [by James Ray and his staff]…

Police interview with Megan Fredrickson

The San Diego Police Dept have so far failed to properly investigate the events surrounding death of the first (known) victim of James Ray, the con man, scammer and alleged manslaughterer who caused the death of four people within three months.

Staff members of James Ray International colluded to cover up this earlier death and  led police to believe a lie.

The cause of Colleen Conaway‘s death is more difficult to identify than than those that occurred in Ray’s infamous death lodge in Arizona. Heat and oxygen depletion are traceable causes, but psychological causes are more tenuous and difficult to identify, let alone prosecute. But investigation is  necessary and prosecution is indeed possible, as shown in a similar case in Australia.

But by failing to investigate properly, police have effectively ruled Ms Conaway’s death suicide by default. Thereby they have also declared the actions of Ray’s staff non-criminal. They didn’t fabricate evidence and they didn’t destroy evidence, because if there was no crime, there was no “evidence” to be destroyed or fabricated.


*The journal that Colleen kept during the seminar was (I assume) destroyed.

*Fake calls to Colleen’s cell phone (which staff themselves had earlier collected) were left, even after they had confirmed her death and then handed over to Colleen’s family.


See Salty Droid’s sickening exposé of these despicable lunatics

Furthermore, all Ray’s groups are audio recorded. Police could easily review those tapes. (Unless of course Megan Fredrickson, uhm, can’t recall where they are.)

Ray’s groups include public humiliation and techniques for confusing and disorienting people, pushing them into extreme states of consciousness.

Ray’s ridiculous “God Game” from the sweat lodge retreat lasted six hours, revealing what a sadistic and dangerously mentally disturbed man James Arthur Ray really is (under that sadistic and deranged exterior).

As countless witnesses testified in the death lodge investigation, Ray also uses sleep deprivation to break people down.

Of course,  it’s only the participants who over rate sleep when they only get one hour of it a night.

Sleep deprivation is also a known cause of psychosis.

Ms Conaway was not in any way suicidal. She went to Ray as part of her plans for a better future. She had concrete long-term business plans, as well as plans for the immediate future – she’d even left a snack in her car for her return drive back from the airport.

The ruling by police that she “committed suicide” is not supported by any evidence and is contradicted by Colleen’s friends and family.

I assume that Michele Goulet did not inform police that Ms Conaway had even planned and paid for future James Ray groups.

With the release of witness statements and interviews from the sweat lodge, more and more information and parallels emerge between the sweat lodge deaths and the death of Colleen Conaway.

Just like the three later deaths, this death also occurred before the very eyes of JRI staff, and just like after the sweat lodge, failed to notice anything unusual.

JRI staff member Greg Hartle witnessed Colleen’s fall and for unknown reasons, decided he simply had to twitter about it –

His sole purpose in being there was to ensure the safety of participants – surely???? Or was he just there to hang out with Mr God Ray and eat a nice salad for lunch?

Sound familiar? After the sweat lodge, while his victims were being driven in ambulances or air lifted to hospital and being signed in as Jane Doe, Ray was comfortably eating a late lunch in his cabin.

Ok, so they are eating lunch together and no doubt Hartle is babbling about how he saw someone die. Then it’s time to all pile onto the bus, and someone was missing. Did they even know who it was? Did they have a list or a was it just a head count?

According to Megan Fredrickson,

…please know that this, like this has happened in previous years where someone didn’t come to the bus and it was because they had found their own way back to the hotel or because they had met someone interesting and we got a phone call an hour later saying oops I’m at the Jack in the Box, I lost track of time. So it wasn’t at that point a red flag

They knew they were one short, and wow, this is all just so normal, to be one short after Greg Hartle has witnessed a suicide while participants are going through a life changing experience after being humiliated, belittled, sleep deprived and God knows what else.

Of course there were no red flags, because it was all just so normal. Normal. Just like the death lodge was normal, just like the sweat lodges in the past which to others looked like a “war zone” were normal. Just like they thought it was “normal” for people to pass out, vomit, fly into a psychotic rage and start swinging punches….Just like they didn’t realise anything was wrong in the sweat lodge until well after it was over…Just normal.

They left a staff person called Rebecca Collaway to wait in a car at the meeting point. Did she know who she was looking for? How long did she wait for?  What exactly were her movements in the intervening  SIX HOURS?

It was “8 o’clock” when they finally confirmed Colleen’s location. And they didn’t tell participants. They didn’t even tell other staff members.

Why did they cover it up?

Salty Droid uncovered (and retouched) this photo of Greg Hartle and the “thumb ring brigade”  Michele Goulet and Megan Fredrickson celebrating  on the night of Colleen’s death. Participants  were told nothing.

See Droid’s site for more details and manic photos.

Just like after the sweat lodge, instead of responding to a disastrous situation like a normal caring human would, Ray’s staff were merely interested in averting bad PR. Just as Ray was drafting an email after the death lodge declaring the event a success despite some participants having taken ill, Colleen’s death was also supposed to be kept  from the light of day.

At least one of the sweat lodge victims stated in the witness statements after the deadly sweat lodge that they trusted Ray, having done his Creating Absolute Wealth seminar a few months earlier and felt safe with him. That person did not know that as she was enjoying a party at the conclusion of that group, one participant was dead, signed in – just like Ray’s fourth victim three months later – under the name Jane Doe.

Of course, telling participants “One of you died eight hours ago and we saw it happen, but we didn’t know it was one of you” is not going to engender  trust. Especially not the kind of trust that  persuaded that participant that she could put herself in life threatening situations and trust that Ray knew what he was doing.

Ray contacted his lawyers immediately after the group (just like after the death lodge) and instructed his staff to inform anyone asking about Colleen to say that she had been found, was ok, and had decided not to return to the group.

Why were staff also not informed? Staff members (at that time) Melinda Martin and Amy Hall first discovered it after the sweat lodge. Why was it not discussed internally at least? It is to be noted that the police were informed shortly afterwards, and they both quit in disgust. Had they known earlier, they no doubt would have blown the whistle, and no doubt Ray and his hench-people knew that  too.

In colluding  to conceal this not only from authorities, but even other staff, Hartle, Goulet and Fredrickson  enabled Ray to  cause three more deaths.

The mentality behind this cover up is what is most shocking. Partying, and getting unwitting participants party along too, after something like that has happened is not normal behavior for human beings.

Is it.

The automatic and ice cold way that they switched straight into cover up mode suggests that they are well trained in such matters and eager to prevent Mr God from being caused any inconvenience.

These people must be called to account for their despicable and inhuman behaviour. They gained Colleen’s trust, took her money and even continuing to charge her for the groups she had planned in the future. And then  led police to believe she didn’t want to live anymore.

Now they are hiding behind that lie.

Michele Goulet, Greg Hartle, Megan Fredrickson and James Ray (and any other staff present) should be the subject of a homicide investigation, as well as for charges relating to the destruction and fabrication of evidence, and misleading police.


  1. Hello Yakaru,

    Haven’t posted here in several days but have kept up with your postings at SD’s. I’ve lately been tweeting which is a new experience for me. It’s strange but not expected that I get certain people “following” me that I see they are Ray supporters, then I block them. One girl was connected to Josh Fredrickson, so I immediately blocked her.

    I’m glad you’re staying on this story about Colleen. Did you see the post from a man on the October 15 Salty Droid page? He just posted yesterday and says he lives in Oceanside,CA next to Death Ray’s Carlsbad office. He just heard of him and is disgusted by him. This gave me the idea that if more people knew about Ray, they would make enough noise to the police. There is a lot of power in the San Diego region and slimebags like JAR are not welcome.

    I have an idea that one of the television networks can do a documentary about Ray’s criminal conduct. There was one made about Scott Peterson during his trial for the murder of his wife and unborn son. It would have to encompass the death of Colleen and tragedy at Sedona and raise public awareness.

    Do you know why Michelle Goulet is not on the prosecution’s witness list? I find it very strange. She still has a web page up so she’s around.

    I continue to sense that someone pushed Colleen either physically or mentally. There was a tweet by Ray about “pushing buttons today” like he had something planned and because he loves to imbed words in his sentences, like a code,it gives me an uneasy feeling to read that word “push”. I don’t want to but I keep feeling she was pushed over the edge. Or told to go there and jump with someone behind her unseen forcing her somehow. I promise you I have excellent instincts and am rarely wrong when I get these feelings. Do you have a copy of the eyewitness report? Does anyone? I know there were children on the ground and they may not have been interviewed, but certainly adults had to have been!

    Keep it up. You’re doing a great thing to cover this and keep it fresh.

  2. There’s no doubt in my mind that Colleen was mentally pushed, as you put it. Ray is always jabbering on about break through and pushing you limits, pushing yourself to the limits. Colleen was obviously not suicidal before the group. I’ve seen people in psychosis, and they simply don’t see what is going on around them anymore. There is no way in this world that a person like Colleen, had she chosen to end her life, would have done it in front of children in that manner. Ray’s constant “breakthrough” gibberish, and “button-pushing” obviously had an effect, and they know it.

    As for eyewitness accounts, AF Grant (participant) described it on his blog, though he has now (quite understandably) removed the post. There was no one near her when she fell, according to him.

    I think Ray is seriously mentally unbalanced, and he’s obviously pulled staff members into a form of insanity too. Heaven help anyone who walks into that trap.
    I understand that Michele Goulet was interviewed. Maybe she was not involved in the subsequent attempts at destroying evidence. It all happened quite quickly. Or maybe they don’t want to sit through another half an hour of “I don’t recall”.

    I’ve been reading the twitters you fellows have been sending Ray. Great to see. I’m happily surprised to see a few former fans of his smacking him down too.

  3. One of the things I’m doing on Twitter is approaching Ray from an “I know about you” perspective.It probably won’t work,but it’s worth a try,just to wake him up a bit.I am his age,and grew up within two hours of where he grew up.He in Tulsa,I in Oklahoma City.I spent a lot of time in Tulsa visiting my eldest sister. During the 60s and 70s there was a lot of wealth in that area because of petroleum. Ray would have been surrounded by that opulence. He says he was poor, but as a preacher’s son,would have been maybe lower middle class. He developed feelings of inferiority and probably vowed to be rich and powerful when he grew up.

    I,like Ray,sat in fundamentalist church services for many hours as a child. The difference between us here is I was not forced to go and Ray obviously was. We always had a saying growing up that preacher’s kids are the worst behaved later in life. By the time I was 15,I stopped going.I didn’t agree with their interpretation of Christ’s teachings; I felt he taught love and the church was full of hatred,especially toward people of color and that was stupid to me,even when I was very small,I could not accept segregation and racism.

    I feel that Ray is full of resentment from his childhood.While the rest of us were experimenting and indulging in the 70s rebellion,and yes,it was wonderful for a lot of us,though the drug culture had/still has its casualties, he was listening to preachers several days a week.(he alludes to this in interviews I’ve listened to).

    He is the product of religious abuse.I’m sure he studied the techniques of many preachers,that is obvious in his stage performance and why I would never have been attracted to someone like him,not personally nor as a teacher.

    Although I understand what’s wrong with Ray, it does not excuse him for his crimes.I wish he were being charged with 4 counts of premeditated murder. As you may be aware, there are many ways to commit homicide.Have you ever heard of Pere Gouier,’Le Diable Gourmand’,who dined men to death in France?

    I keep wondering if Death Ray could have possibly been on that 3rd floor behind Colleen. I swear,I believe he is capable of making her jump,especially if she had confronted him or a JRI staff member about her concerns and threatened legal action against them.

    Well, back to Tweeting,then off to an appointment.

  4. There are a lot of unanswered questions. I want to the police to get hold of those tapes, or find out exactly what the program was and if there was any interation between Ray or his staff and Colleen.

    I think Colleen was probably totally committed to breaking through her “limitations” – and the whole point of the group is to make people feel (and/orimagine) those very accutely, and then to “overcome” them. The idea is that the group leader and his staff actually know what they are doing and can support the process.

    Unfortunately Ray is a thug, and his staff a bunch of ignorant fools living in a narssistic fantasy land. Imagine if they really are telling the truth – that a participant died in front of them, and it took them 8 hours to work out what happened! What a bunch of morons.

    But even morons would have been horrified and ashamed. Not these pigs.

    In a sane world, Ray would be charged with murder. But a negligent homicide would be realistic, and I hope still not out of the question.

  5. Hi Yakaru,
    I just read these interviews. http://www.kpho.com/download/2010/0113/22221286.pdf

    Halfway through them,I began to shake from the horror of it all. When I had previously read Megan F’s interview, I also felt the horror. I had an image of Ray “chanting” in the sweat trap just like the character Andre Linoge from the Stephen King film,”The Storm of the Century”. When Linoge was in his jail cell, he chanted people into death. You know I think Ray is a cold-blooded killer and he intentionally wanted those 4 people to die and injure many others.

    I found these youtube clips from The Storm of the Century. The second one is set to music from a band,Rammstein and is in German, so I don’t know how appropriate the lyrics are.

  6. Oops, I forgot that posting a link to youtube places the video on the desktop. Is there a way to direct someone to the video without doing that? I didn’t mean for them to take up so much space,just wanted you to see my imaginary correlation between Ray and Linoge who both appear normal,even “handsome” to some,but underneath is a dangerous being.

  7. You could try using http://tinyurl.com/ or putting a space somewhere in it like between the dot and the com, so that it gets posted as text. I should know more about this stuff, but I don’t.

    Or you can just post it and see if the video shows up. I certainly won’t mind if it does! Sounds interesting!

  8. Jean, my apologies – I didn’t realise you’d already posted a comment and it was sitting in the spam bin awaiting approval. I just found it.

    Finding people who are prepared to face their deepest fears and overcome them is the perfect cover for a deeply sick and twisted person like Ray. It all sounds so innocent, self help groups, sweat lodges, etc. All very positive, even superficial and light weight, as if his victims must’ve been stupid not to just get up and walk out. Certainly Ray and his lawyers are exploiting that.

    Reading the witness statements is gut wrenching, and that video you posted above is actually more fitting for Ray than you realised. The lyrics are even darker and more sinister than they sound – imagery of darkness, a man emerging from the darkness with harsh light coming from his eyes and hands. The light will burn you, hit your chest and throw you off balance. Then the chorus (Hier kommt die Sonne) is literally “here comes the sun” – turning the sun (and its Rays) into a symbol of unstoppable evil.

    Stoic, who seems to be thinking along similar lines to you, just posted this link on the Rick Ross forum:
    It’s an analysis of the symbols in the film Full Metal Jacket. The re-programming that the troops are shown going through is eerily similar to what Ray was doing to his spiritual “warriors”. Part 2 starts with head shaving.

  9. If you have the time,watch the film these clips are from “Storm of the Century” It is really frightening.Of course, Linoge,is a supernatural character,but then Helen Morrison calls serial killers/mass murderers a sub-species of human. The most telling thing about Ray is how he has reacted to everything as if he has ice water running through his veins. Thanks for the translation from German,I’m going to google the lyrics.

  10. Hi Jean,
    The film looks good, I’ll chase it up.
    There’s a translation of the lyrics here

    Your comments about Ray make me realise how overly fair the media is being to him. It’s also good (in principle) that they are – not that he deserves it, and not that his lawyers see it like that. (And of course David Schirmer claimed that the “sensationalist” media coverage would cause an untold number of deaths.)

    I think the horror of what happened will come out clearly in the trial. Certainly reading the witness statements is harrowing, but it takes a while for it to sink in that there was also a deeply disturbed psychopath controlling every move.

  11. Thank you for those lyrics.You are right.They are very fitting,more than I imagined! Wow. When you watch the film,notice the scene in which Linoge is chanting in his jail cell.That’s what brought to my mind Ray chanting in the sweat trap, pretending to be speaking a Native indigenous tongue. You and I know he does not know any Native languages,he hasn’t even mastered English!
    Can you believe he’s released the video to try and control people by “teaching”. I cannot wait for the trial and the long-awaited day of his conviction. Throughout history there have been many ways people have killed others. Did I send you this link already? Forgive me if I have.I thought you might find it interesting. http://freespace.virgin.net/christopher.arkell/london.miscellany/m35/diable.htm

  12. Ray does sound a bit Gourier – similar twisted psychology, death obsession and deviousness, but more sadistic. Also, he seems to really believe that he has the power to kill people and resurrect them, as Daniel Pfankuch’s case shows.

    He was chanting in Hewbrew, Sanskrit, some Hawaiian language, Native American and it seems like at some point was speaking pure gibberish. This is all part of the manipulation, as pointed out so well on the Rick Ross forum, and would have had an effect on people a bit like a scene out of a horror movie.

    Amayra Hamilton heard a bit of it at the start and got spooked:

    “I heard him his start his talking and his chant, and his kind of you know how he, how he does his, and I think you know, phew, it’s not my style. It’s not, it’s not, not, so I left…”


  13. Wow,that interview is telling. Amayra was sneaking around,getting evidence such as pictures. The church Ray grew up in Church of God practices speaking in tongues,snake handling,being slain in the spirit,feet washing,screaming,shouting,dancing in the Holy Spirit and other things that are similiar to what Ray made his participants do. Your mention of resurrection just sent chills up my spine.Was this part of his Messiah/God Complex? I had thought of the same thing.Jeffrey Dahmer killed and revived his victims,also,sometimes for days. This is part of the erotic asphyxiation component of these sadists. Ray is lucky people like you,me and Cassandra Y. aren’t his prosecutors!

  14. I think Amayra’s photos are the ones Josh and Megan F were confronted with:

    Det. Diskin: I want to show you a picture that was alleged to have been taken in 2008 of the Spiritual Warrior and I want to see if there’s any similarities that; here’s a series of pictures, if you can see the similarities between 2008 and 2009.

    Click to access Josh-Fredrickson-Immunity-Interview-Transcript.pdf


    Det. Diskin: One of the people that is, you know or some of the people that have claimed, that were claiming that you and Josh and James did absolutely nothing, they gave me this picture. Can you tell me where you and Josh and James are in that picture?

    Click to access Fredrickson-Megan-Immunity-interview.pdf


    I think those photos and the recorded message that Melinda Martin handed over to police are going to cause Ray and his henchpeople a lot of trouble.

    I didn’t realise Ray comes from snake-handling stock. That explains a lot.

  15. Good thing those pictures exist.Good for the people who thought to gather evidence.I’m sure they wanted to stop him but didn’t know how. Yes,as you know,Ray’s dad was a preacher in that Pentecostal denomination.My theory is that he was forced to sit in church for hours,not allowed to go to the restroom or get a drink.He was in church while other kids and teens were out having fun. What’s weird is he and I are the same age and grew up within a 2 hour drive from each other. Creepy. Along with lots of googling and listening to his interviews and watching his videos,I have figured him out because of cultural similarities. For instance,I heard him say in one interview that his parents were conservative in the 70s and he didn’t get to participate in the drug experimentation culture. That’s a shame because we had lots of great concerts during that time and Death Ray was surely left out.I saw Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick concert at a stadium in 1972.Jimi Hendrix played the Univ of Oklahoma,but I didn’t go to that one,some friends did. I saw Cat Stevens twice,Ten Years After,Marvin Gaye,Joni Mitchell,Peter Tosh.Ray grew up in Tulsa,home of Caines Ballroom,amazing shows went through there.
    He was a prisoner of his religion.Doesn’t that make sense based on reports he made people sit still for hours and avoid sleep?Can’t you imagine a little Jimmy Ray wanting to take a nap and being told,”Stay awake!Don’t get up and leave during church service!”
    BTWI need to spend more time over at rickross. I joined months ago but forget to go there.
    Oh,yeah.On SDs newest page,read the comments of the “first video”. Someone is actually inviting Ray to go to Europe. Don’t these people know he’s going to prison?

  16. Hi Yakaru, I wanted to add,I didn’t do hard drugs back then and in no way meant people need to try drugs.I knew people who died and went crazy from that stuff. I only smoked a little Oklahoma home-grown mj which I quit completely in 1977. It wasn’t even very illegal back then in my state.LOL Good thing even that weak stuff gave me a bad experience and made me leave it alone. Since then I’ve been anti-drugs and have dedicated a lot of time to understanding addictions and substance abuse prevention. That’s why Ray should have been checked out by Oprah and other shows.He was a self-admitted druggie who went way too far with his drug abuse! In the newsforthesoul interview,he says he tried hallucinogens because he didn’t get the chance as a teen.His parents’ control of him which kept him from enjoying the fabulous music and activities of youth, undoubtedly contributed to his angry,twisted mind.

  17. Maybe if he had’ve gotten stoned and gone to a few concerts he would’ve finished up a bit happier and not take himself so incredibly seriously. These are all interesting details. I haven’t read much about him or watched much of him at all – I even struggle through the “Droid edited” pieces.

    Many of the new agers who have managed to admit that something bad happened tend to write it off as “he got famous and let his ego get in the way”. But I don’t think that’s the case. It sounds more like he was a timebomb ticking away for years.

    I couldn’t find any reference to him being invited to Europe on Droid. Which page is it? Anyway, I think we’re safe here in Europe. There’s no way they’d give him his passport back. The Secret is still a best seller here, even cropping up in the “science” section of some bookstores.

  18. Do you get FOX News in Germany? The Geraldo at Large report was good. They said Ray is planning to charge for online meetings. I don’t know what his restrictions are but the people he owes money to should stop this.
    The person who “invited” DeathRay to Europe is called Dualspec under Ray’s video on youtube. Sorry it’s not on SD’s site.

  19. Sadly we don’t get Fox news in Germany, but we can still hit ourselves in the head with pieces of wood to simulate watching Bill O’Reilly.

    I’m not at all surprised that some complete freaking idiot wants Ray to come to Europe. There is really no end to the depths of stupidity of human beings when it comes to spirituality.

    It reminds me a bit of the case of Mary Manin Morrisey whose new age church managed to somehow misplace more than $10 million of its followers money. She and her husband were convicted of fraud and in a bizarre and stupid plea bargain, her hubby went to prison and she was allowed to stay free on the condition she would work to repay the debts. So she’s continuing the scamming – pretending to rob Peter to pay Paul, while really just robbing Peter.


    She appeared in this film http://www.themosescode.com/ which was supposed to pick up where The Secret left off, but seems to have disappeared down the great Akashik Bog Hole of failed scams – despite being the “most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world”.

  20. […] I’ve pointed out elsewhere on this site, Ray and his staff also managed to convince police that Colleen Conaway’s death was the […]

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