The LoA: One Law for the Rich, One for the Poor

April 2, 2010

Other New Age gurus still haven’t quite worked out what to do about James Arthur Ray.

Four successful scammers, and one odd man out

While they are all looking at their shoes or mumbling about “letting the court decide” or “maybe he let his ego get in the way”, none of them are going to want look too carefully at the trial in August.

This is because Ray’s defense rests on the argument that he is not responsible for the events that he planned and executed, causing death and severe injuries as a direct result of his actions.

In other words, James Ray’s “tragic accident” gambit rests not only on denying the most basic levels of personal responsibility, it also rests on a categorical, unconditional, flat out denial of their dearly beloved Law of Attraction.

The “LoA” is one of the foundation stones of the ideology that has earned Ray and his mates, untold millions. It has served Ray well for many years, and was even the main reason why Oprah chose to make him a star.

But now he has no further need for it. In fact, any idea about taking responibility for ones actions is the last thing Ray will be wanting to hear about at his trial.

For his fellow scammers however, it is still one of the best money makers around. If it loses its popularity, who knows how long it will take them to find another invisible product that is so easy to sell, so resistant to attack from common sense, so amenable to being spread like a virus through the market place.

So let’s have a quick look at how the Masters of the LoA use it to achieve their goals.

Of course, they claim to live by it themselves. They claim the LoA is what made them rich, and that they are now lowering it like a magic ladder, inviting anyone willing to pay the admission, to climb up and join them in the dizzy heights of the divine upper classes.

Go ahead, overcome your limiting beliefs. I did it [insert rags to riches story], so you can too.

But none of these people got rich by living according to the LoA. Quite the opposite. Some got their money by bilking their customers, some got it through being in the right place at the right time with the right idea to fill a sudden market niche. Some got their money by pretending they could talk to God. None of them got their money by visualizing checks appearing in their mail box or placing an order with a large bald purple genie.

The LoA it is specially tailored for disabling critical faculties. It’s tailored to push people into taking needless risks with their health, finances and general life choices.

It tells people that the universe is like a giant rigged lottery, and only special teachers have the secret code. And of course the code is always changing, so you have to keep buying new products to keep up. This all leaves you wide open to exploitation, while simultaneously enjoying the illusion you are in the drivers seat.

Not surprisingly, leading a life based on the LoA is not something any successful spiritual teacher would attempt to undertake. That is left for the customers/victims to try.

Pay for the groups in advance as a sign of trust and commitment to your growth
Have a no refund policy
Pay for their groups instead of medical insurance because you create your own reality
Hide their assets  for a rainy day
Borrow the money to pay in advance
Plead poverty before the court to get the bail lowered
Throw away your prescription meds and try to manifest health
Take anabolic steroids, and drugs for their genital herpes
Listen to them insulting you for your own good
Tell you it’s negative to criticise them
“Get Over It” if it hurts
Hide in the toilets or flee in the middle of the night
Walk their talk (or try)
Take the money and run

It might be “inspiring” to think you create your own reality with your thoughts, but the flip side is that it makes you terrified of certain thoughts, lest they materialize.

It makes you search for the “cause” of your own misfortune – your kid has Down Syndrome? Why did you create that reality of yourself, you loser? So you spend years in therapy trying to “clear the negativity” out of your system.

It makes you close down part of your soul – critical faculties, a sense of justice, the ability to clearly set boundaries: it doesn’t help your guru if you possess these qualities, so they must be suppressed. You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.

It leaves you with a vicious “blame the victim” mentality when dealing with misfortune.

It makes you narcisstically divide the world up into positive and negative and shun anyone or anything you perceive as negative.

It makes you act like a bullish pigheaded scum towards anyone who so much as breathes a word of criticism of one your “protectors” in the elite.

It seems to work as long as you are not confronted with any misfortune and as long as you have a secure income and a good network of wealthy friends. Any dissonance can be rationalised away.

But sooner or later reality will bump up against the wall of denial. The Death Lodge was one such event. Some people seem to have woken up quickly. Some of these people can be seen confronting Ray’s insane gibberish on Twitter. Some are asking themselves how they could have fallen for it, and are shocked at the depth of the deceit and manipulation with which Ray and his colleagues make their living….

How telling it is, that The Secret was sold as revealing an ancient truth that has been covered up for millenia by the ruling elite, to disempower the plebs and prevent them from threatening the status quo or cutting off the flow of cash.

James Ray, man with a message

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  1. […] of course, dumped the LoA as soon as the cuffs were on him, but that’s standard practice for LoA teachers. They drop it as soon as it’s their own ass on the line. Ms Davids Landau references […]

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