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End of the World 2012

May 25, 2010

With people predicting that the world will end on Friday December 21 2012, I thought it might be worth looking a little more closely at the issue.

After all, if this prediction is correct, it may be of some importance to those not wishing to suffer a miserable fate like drowning, being swallowed by the earth, or dying like a miserable wretch on his hands and knees trying to eat grass while a bunch of light filled beings flounce about in loose fitting pastel colored clothes imploring the victims to focus on the positive.

Those of us over the age of 3 months old may recall hearing predictions like this before. And a swift check in the internet reveals that there have indeed been earlier predictions of catastrophes, especially focusing on the year 2000. How about we double check and see to what degree those predictions were accurate. Maybe this will give an indication of how seriously we should take predictions about 2012.

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Up Shit Creek, with James Arthur Ray

May 18, 2010

James Ray, the (alleged) triple manslaughterer, is continuing to spread his important spiritual teachings, while waiting for his trial to start in August.

James Ray practises his “going with the flow” skills while being arrested earlier this year. (He was released two weeks later, on reduced bail, after pleading poverty.)

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Trashing New Age Triple Manslaughterer James Ray

May 14, 2010

The Salty Droid has posted an excellent “edited for truth” version of an old video which James Ray made to advertise his “Creating Absolute Wealth” weekend 2009. Anyone who has read much on this blog will know that this event finished with Ray and his staff abandoning the body of one of its participants, concealing the death from other participants, and then having a party.

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