Trashing New Age Triple Manslaughterer James Ray

May 14, 2010

The Salty Droid has posted an excellent “edited for truth” version of an old video which James Ray made to advertise his “Creating Absolute Wealth” weekend 2009. Anyone who has read much on this blog will know that this event finished with Ray and his staff abandoning the body of one of its participants, concealing the death from other participants, and then having a party.

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere on this site, Ray and his staff also managed to convince police that Colleen Conaway’s death was the “suicide” of a woman who obviously must not have wanted to live any more. That is, after they took money from her for promising to help her plan her life, and continued to charge her credit card for future groups she’d booked.

Droid has edited Ray’s promo so that includes some snippets of reality to complement Ray’s inimitable manipulative droning self aggrandisement. If you’ve already seen it at Droid’s site, have a look at it again here. It deserves to be spread as widely as possible.


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