Another baby killed by homeopathy

August 10, 2010

Last year a baby in Australia died a painful death because its parents preferred homeopathy to medicine. They are both in jail.

Now homeopathy has claimed another infant victim, this time in Japan. The baby died of intra-cranial bleeding, thanks to the midwife’s decision to give the baby a homeopathic substitute for the vitamin K2 syrup stipulated by the Health Ministry.  Vitamin K2 works in reducing the risk of hemorrhage in infants. Homeopathy, of course, doesn’t work for anything except lining the pockets of all those folks happily participating in this international scam.

Homeopathy is highly popular among midwives in Japan, but they may decide to rethink that if they start to be held accountable for this idiotic practise. The mother is suing the midwife.

This incident will not be reported or discussed by any homeopaths. (Apart from the ones in Japan who are scrambling into damage control mode, of course.)

More on other cases see: Whats the Harm

(Hat-tip to German skeptical blog Esowatch)

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