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James Ray Trial – Ray’s Defense: Nothing But Objections

February 7, 2011

James Ray’s trial for three counts of manslaughter starts on February 16.

Ray’s defense team clearly think he is both guilty as charged, and unworthy of the trust participants placed in him — as can been seen from the strategies they have come up with for his defense:

1. Object to virtually every piece of evidence brought by the prosecution and hope at least some of it will be excluded

2. Blame the participants for trusting Ray

Strategy No. 1: Objections and evasions

James Ray’s legal team have abandoned their original efforts at arguing the innocence of their client. Clearly they think Ray is guilty as hell of the charges brought against him, and have been focusing on trying to squeeze through technical loopholes in the legal system. Unfortunately, they have had some significant success with that strategy, as Judge Darrow has granted their motion to exclude evidence from previous sweat lodges.

Initially, in the White Papers (Jan. 2010 – the link is to Salty Droid’s “improved” version), the defense published an extremely lame and transparent defense of Ray, claiming that previous sweat lodges had been run successfully, and even noted safety precautions that Ray had added over the years. They also seemed to be considering trying to pin it on the owners of the property where the event took place.

That strategy was based on their own “investigations”, before they got to see the masses of evidence against Ray gathered by the prosecution.

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