A Short Note on the Politics of the Law of Attraction

November 7, 2012

Over at the “Post-Abe” blog, Mariah (who sometimes comments here) has an interesting post about yet another way that the Law of Attraction disempowers its believers — this time in the realm of politics. Here’s a link to it.

The “Abe” referred to in the blog name, by the way, is “Abraham”, a spiritual entity made famous by the channeler (i.e. liar), Esther Hicks. Curiously (i.e. stupidly), the term “Abraham” is not singular, but plural. It refers to a curious collection of disembodied and diffuse invertebrates which at different times includes Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed (as well as others).

One might expect such a diverse group of critters like these to have trouble finding any common ground. At times they certainly do appear to be rather ignorant and undecided about their own teachings — in fact, it’s almost as if it’s being made up on the spot by a poorly educated and hucksterish ex-Mormon who’s being promoted by her Amway trained husband — but as it happens, there is one thing they always agree on: the Law of Attraction. I guess they only discovered it after they died. But the important thing is Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed got to lend their prestigious names to the “Abraham” label, even if their previous knowledge and talents have been completely subsumed by this corporate giant.

Anyway, before I go too far off topic, I wanted to highlight a point that Mariah made about the LoA and the current US presidential election. She noted that followers of Abraham (which she has cutely dubbed “Hicksians”) have been lately telling her that there’s no need to vote. Instead she should get into the “vortex” (this is another Abe teaching) and use the LoA to create the reality she wants.

Mariah answers them:

While you’re out there ignoring what you don’t like and pretending you’re in the {imaginary} vortex and not caring about politics, the ones who are paying attention are the ones making things happen. There’s irony there.

People believing they create their own reality, but not actually doing so… while their world is created around them by the people who are paying attention. Dang, these are disempowering teachings! 

If the overwhelming majority of LoA fans were potential Republican voters, then keeping them away from the polling booths would probably be the only good thing that has EVER come from the stupid and ugly Law of Attraction. Certainly the LoA is much closer to the immoral and stupid Republican platform on issues like rape, birth control, health insurance, global warming, environmental protection and foreign aid. The more I think about it, the more I feel like saying to LoA fanatics, “Okay guys, right! Don’t vote, don’t insure yourselves, and above all don’t open your stupid mouth in public ever again either. Got it?”



  1. Thumbs up for Mariah.

    I’m trying to remember one instance I used “disempowering” to describe some woo idea. I think Oprah was involved in some way or another, but that might be a mental association I formed for some types of woo: There are women who talk about empowering themselves by essentially reinforcing gender roles and stereotypes in service to newage ideas.

    Think it might have been me making a point about how misinformed choice is inherently disempowering.

  2. Thanks, Yakaru! Nice treatment of the Abraham-Hicks teachings (i.e. outright lies).

    The whole “message” is extremely disempowering! However people following it feel they are empowered and living on the “leading edge” and so empowered that they don’t even need to vote!

  3. @BD, yep, disempowering is probably a good word to connect with the idea that you can improve your life by doing nothing, while the repo men are carrying off the family heirlooms.

    Another dimension to it is the way the business models of the LoA superstars are based squarely on disempowering their customers: pay in advance programs with no refund policy, special elite groups with “direct contact with the master” with exorbitant entrance fees, as well plain straight up fraud and theft, which dissolves into bullying and threats of legal action if anyone rocks the boat.

    Most of the Secretards in The Secret operate like that. I suspect they have a clearly worked out business plan kuz they all seem to be running it, and they probably all hide their stash in the same kind of offshore bank accounts, probably run by the same people. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they are all getting scammed themselves in the process. James Ray the convicted new age killer seemed to run out of funds VERY quickly (seemingly more than just a show of poverty for the courts), and his lawyers secured their $5 mill VERY quickly in advance, and were getting visibly shifty when it looked like the trial might stretch out longer than they were expecting.

    I have no first hand experience with US politics, but my impression is that probably most LoA advocates would tend to be liberals. Is that accurate? And given that if the LoA was translated into a political platform, it would look more like the right wing of the right wing of the radical right wing of the Republican Party, do any of them change their actual politics accordingly?

  4. That is a good question on whether or not people change their politics. If you mean changing party affiliation, probably not, as that would require re-registering to vote, which requires doing something. Maybe if they moved and actually bothered to re-register they might check a different box if they’d even noticed their ideology had shifted. That’s just based on my observation, of course. What does happen that I’ve seen is people let go of “causes” they once believed in while under the influence of Esther. For example, environmental concerns. Esther says the world is big, the oceans are big, stop focusing on unwanted and the stream of well-being will take care of it all. I’ll admit I got lazy about recycling and not wasting when I was a Hicksian. I recall a hotseater who was concerned about a group somewhere killing and eating dolphins. Esther said what she always says, the animals do not mind being eaten. (And they attract poor treatment vibrationally.) She’s awful!!

    Esther Hicks also says “politics is 100% out of the vortex” so the ones who fear being out of that mythical vortex will even avoid politics. There are a few Abraham appreciators who do get involved in politics, and there’s even at least one elected official from what I hear. Again, just observation, but those would be the ones who don’t take it all that seriously.

    Re: disempowerment, Jerry and Esther Hicks have never been models of empowerment. Whenever they’ve made or announced a big change, it’s always “someone else told us we should do this.” They had an attorney involved going in to the Secret project not because it’s smart and they take care of business, but “on the advice of their publisher”. (The public version of the story.). When they decided to shorten the seminars, “Abraham” said it was a good idea. When Jerry was sick, the story goes that a doctor friend insisted it be biopsied (not that he himself was actively caring for his own health) and then they were swept up in a whirlwind of medical care. (I’ve been meaning to blog about this for months!)

  5. I agree that most followers of the LoA-based fantasy models would consider themselves liberal. And, yes, much in common with the far right wing and Abe-related beliefs. Most avoid politics altogether and would be unlikely to make that connection.

    Like the few (please tell me it is only a few!) Republicans who seem to have no problem with a woman being raped, loa-ers also dismiss rape rather lightly. Both agree the woman somehow attracted it. Yes, similarities in deed! When it comes to social services, I could probably make a case that the most conservative Republican would be more in favor of social services than the most dedicated Hicks follower. Per Esther and Jerry, people should not be helped if they are vibrating lack. And if they need help, they probably are.

    Interesting point you raise, Yakaru!

  6. A lot of newage stuff was traditionally liberal, but I think a lot of these ideas are getting popular with Republicans. I’ve seen plenty of altie rants that end up going Ayn Rand, claiming that the invisible hand of the market will encourage consumers to do the research for untested quackery, which is why market success and popularity means safety and efficacy, not studies required by inherently eeeee-ville government regulatory agencies like the FDA. About the only thing that needs changing for a newage idea to become a Republican thing is Christianizing it.

    The LoA certainly seems like it’d appeal to the right: The universe lives to serve you, you’re entitled to business success if you maintain appearances of wanting to be go-getters despite not actually doing anything useful for the consumers. It’d be the sort of thing the piratical investors and crony capitalists would go for. It’s all about you and getting yours. I’ve got mine, so screw everyone else.

    Sad to say, but it seems to me that a lot of Republicans are flippant towards rape, blaming the victim, even in cases of child rape. I think they’ve been around all this time, we’re just seeing more of them since the right wing echo chambers were encouraging them to double down on the crazy to prove they’re True Conservatives. Whenever I hear about a rape, it’s usually accompanied with wingnut pundits issuing such apologia.

  7. Yes you are so so correct, how could a planet full human beings ever fix the problems of the world when focused in a state of love, and kindness and happiness?? How can people not see that the positively focused happy humans are the ones who fear others and then kill them?? How can people not see that happy people are the reason for the bad in the world?? How can they not see that the successful people who really do make a difference are focused in a way of not being good enough, or able to do anything??? How can they not see that people who are happy with themselves always find a need to tell someone else to change to in order for them to feel good?? How can people not understand that there life is completely controlled by others and they them selves have no part in it?? And are just victims ??? How can people not see that it’s impossible to make a difference when your in a state feeling good about being able to make a difference??? How can they not tell that by focusing on a problem fixes the problem as shown thoroughly history with our for ever dropping crime rate and death rate and murder rate and hunger rate?? How can they not see that focusing on the solution could never bring the solution?? I’m am just as confused as you as these questions are so easy to see the truth .. God I am a victim and should never try make myself happy and I should force others to do exactly what I want, or refuse to be happy, then kill them if they disagree. Yep yep your a smart one, voting is the solution to your problems people. Everything else is illusion

  8. Hahahaha it is so so funny to see how incredibly insane what you all are saying is.. But yep, good way to fix the problems, much better then Esther hicks.. Problems get fixed from complaining to each other on a page that has 6 comments, and doing nothing to help anyone. Much better then Esther telling you how to feel good and confident and look for the best in people.. I can see how someone who feels love and is living there dream and looking for the best in everyone, would go rape someone. But read this blog and they’ll never hurt anyone. Voting for the right political party stops rape people, happiness kindness and love is the cause of it.. Oh I wish this page actually had followers, I would love to prove every thing through science and simply focusing in the moment and completely explain every little aspect. Answer every single question and put it all together ruling out nothing. Then to just hear you say the same thing over and over without putting anything together.. I would prob be doing it for money just like Esther, leaving out the countless hours she spends up lifting people and making them feel good, and giving them answers, and never missing a thing.. But no no sorry she is wrong and you are right, cause you support your fear filled government who you have made run your whole country into the ground.. Well not whole country, people like Esther and those like her and those they all help are not effected at all by this..

  9. @Tony Rogers,

    You are a dickhead. You completely missed the point of the post and left a nasty, sarcastic and negative comment telling people to be loving and positive and not to waste their time commenting here. You are unaware of your hypocrisy on every count.

    Hypocrisy aside, all you did was repeat exactly the same sentiments that the post criticized, without adding anything at all to the discussion. Useless.

  10. Nothing to do with people not leaving comments here, just showing you how completely insane one must be to say what you say and think the way you think. I felt amazing in doing so and was never negative at all, just showing you what you are saying from the point of someone who understands himself, life and the findings and teachings of all others.. And pointing out to people that this way of thinking is the complete problem.. The negativity you felt is cause what I said is so from being true, yet it’s the message you are offering.. It is actually very funny to me and could not help but show you what your trying to say.. I answered your whole misconception by showing you how incorrect you are.. Sorry that is right in your eyes we should fight now shouldn’t we?? That’s how we prevent violence, I forgot.. Good way to not explain anything that was mentioned.. Simple, focusing on solution brings solution, not starring at the problem. Becoming happy with yourself is what prevents violence, becoming brings confidence, becoming happy brings no need to ever harm or judge others, becoming makes someone gain control of there life, becoming happy is the reason anything ever moves in the direction of happiness for humanity. What you teach is war, what those like Esther teach is peace. You are a poor person needing your exact political person to be in control, doing nothing about helping the world or others yourself. Instead relying on someone to do it for you, we’ll then becoming the hate that the world needs to get rid of, just because someone does not agree with you.. I’m a happy, successful, helpful, inspiring, life changing, dickhead, who every day takes it into my own hands and actually assists the world to understand there love, and prevent your past perception to continue to destroy the world.. But hey again you will respond with nothing and go back to blaming others whilst un able and in willing to even change yourself to be happy. But again your completely un educated, hate filled opinion is the correct way. Your right I’m wrong for sure, a blind man could see that.. Good work, great help you were to all who read your post. Vote people that’s all you have to do woohoo hahaha you’ll understand one day, it’s impossible not too.. Now I’m just going to get back to my amazing life, stunning girlfriend, beautiful puppy, in my amazing house, and spend the afternoon actually planning what “I” am going to do tomorrow to assist humanity and the planet as a whole. Have a awesome day voting, hope that works for you

  11. Go analyse someone else Tony. You are a boring, ignorant and horrid person who makes extremely nasty accusations against people you don’t know, whose behavior you have not obsevered, and whose ideas you have not bothered to familiarize youself with.

    Any more repeat performances will be deleted.

  12. Comment deleted by site owner due to irrelevance/repetition & failure to familiarize himself with the ciriticism of his own beliefs. – Yakaru

  13. You posted a long list of completely stupid questions, many of which have already been answered thoroughly on this site and all of which have been answered on the sites linked to under the title “links & resources” in the side bar, top right. Do your homework before even thinking of commenting here again.

  14. –More comments from Tony Rogers withheld from readers by site owner —

    Tony Rogers,

    Your have already submitted well over 3000 words in 7 comments here. Some are still being held in moderation, and obviously the one above has been deleted. My blog is not a platform for your longwinded repetitive rants or your vile and unsubstantiated accusations about my character.

    You claim to have read about 90% of this site, yet you are unaware of the most common points made here, and unaware that you are continually repeating arguments previously made by other commenters and already answered dozens of times on this site.

    So here is a challenge for you: if I am so wrong about everything, pick a post where I systematically criticize a set of teachings, and find a mistake — just one — in any of them.

    You have plenty to choose from. As you already know, having read 90% of this site, I have written extensively about the teachings of Rhonda Byrne, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, Rupert Sheldrake and The Secret. Or maybe you would like to trip me up on what I’ve written about Gregg Braden, Masaru Emoto, or Dean Radin, for example.

    Until you can make at least one clear specific criticism, no further comments of yours will appear on this blog.

    This post contains some guidelines for your challenge:

  15. @Yakaru, sorry you had to deal with Mr. Smug and Blind here. Ironic how he reports feeling only good feelings while posting here, yet he knows YOU are experiencing negative feelings. Esther Hicks’ scam plays perfectly into people’s sense of superiority and I see she’s got Tony Rogers hooked into her fairy tale universe.

    @Tony, feel free to change the world yourself. No need to insist Yakaru do it. If your law of attraction is so powerful, the world would have been made a better place millennia ago. Everyone hopes for better, and people are quite skilled at wishful thinking and deluding themselves. If nothing else, the kids and teenagers would have done it for us. (While marrying Justin Bieber, of course.)

    Abraham-Hicks incorporates the beliefs of other spiritual traditions that humans are bad unless they’re aligned with “God/Source”. She doesn’t say humans are sinners, she says humans have “what-is-itis”. Same shit, different day. Try imaging that humans can be good in their own right, without help from any kind of as-of-yet unproven God/Source.

  16. LOL…. Brilliantly put, Mariah!

  17. If these “positive thinking” people are full of so many happy thoughts, why are they so bigoted? Why do they lash out with hurtful, baseless accusations? Why do they so readily demonize people for thinking differently instead of giving proper, constructive criticism?

  18. Hahahahahaha yes yes the same not answering one thing, and deleting comments with all questions and statements of encouragement from me.. If you must know, I learnt what I know from science and physics lectures, and studying into Albert Einstein, Henry ford, Nicola tesla, and other people that truly made a difference in the world. Esther to me was just a older lady that when I heard, I was blown away how well she could put all the answers that all the great people throughout history had told us, and she was doing it with what she thinks as channeling.. From all my hard work and research, I was amazed and knew this women could not possibly know all these things, and certainly to put them all together the way she does was insanely amazing.. You too would understand it, if you actually ever researched anyone who ever actually made a mark in the world. Instead you sit around doing nothing but complaining about others who do. Ever post is on your page is just so clear that you all are very uneducated, and it is YOU people who are holding the world back. Take that as negative if you like, but as I know the truth about life and have learnt it from extreme study over every single subject imaginable, I can happily and positively say, people like you are the reason for every bad thing that happens . I would never harm any of you, but can easily be in a positive state of mind well proving every word you say wrong.. Ok first thing for you, this complete post on this page of Esther and law of attraction, and every single comment agreeing with your uneducated answer are completely in correct. The statement “law of attraction” is just a way of someone who doesn’t talk science terminology. It is exactly the way someone would express the understanding of something happening after they had go focused thought on it and then seen the situation happen.. It’s not some hocus pocus thing, it’s physics it’s science. It has been science ever since Einstein explained that its all about frequencies and no matter where you focus your mind you offer a frequency (vibration) and is inevitable that you will recieve what you are thinking about .. But because the world was ran by scared fear based people such as yourselves , people in willing to take control of there own life, and prefer to just rely on others to fix things, and blame others for there bad feelings, they do not listen or research further into these things. Instead like always they sit around complaining. Your mind set helps no one and Esther hicks could whoop any of you in any exam set from your school or government system, in every subject, and in half the time. Yet you call say how wrong she is but you have no idea what she is even talking about.. Oh never mind believe what you want , just know your helping no one not even yourselves, I have said so much and asked so many questions and you delete them so your six uneducated people who follow you do not see you inability to answer, and showing your amazingly small amount of knowledge and education in relation to all the big subjects.. Again you will all say the same comments not explaining anything just complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves and somehow even blame Esther for it.. Good work folks way to help your country, and world become a better place, your work helps people so much more then a very educated person like Esther teaching people to find there own happiness and confidence. You’s help so much, and she is so so wrong to uplift people. Telling them complete scientific facts just using different terminology.. But again you wouldn’t know that , as it seems you can not explain anything.. I can say this cause I can see exactly where you are going wrong with your focus and am truly trying to help you. But yeah keep up the good work of helping no one and fighting against others who do, this will bring about a beautiful world

  19. Dear Tony Rogers,

    I tried accessing the link embedded in your name. I was unsuccessful.

    The browser gave me this message:

    Ups! Google Chrome kunne ikke finde victimofpeoplelyingtometellingmeishoukdbehappy.com

    That means Google Chrome could not find the indicated website (the message is in Danish “kunne ikke finde” as I am accessing the internet from Danmark)

    Is there some other address / website ?

    Maybe the k in “shoukd” should be an l as should has no k in it and shoukd is not a word I recognise as being in English.

  20. @Donald,
    It’s not google chrome that’s at fault. It’s “Tony Rogers”. He or she doesn’t have a website, which is why they are trying to hijack mine.

    @Bronze Dog,
    I used to find it funny when people would show up here thinking that their own negativity is somehow magically positive. Now I just find it sad and pathetic.

    @Tony Rogers
    All you are doing is repeating your opinions and false information you heard and never bothered to check. You’re a boring, know-all windbag.

    And you are complaining that some of your comments were deleted or not published, but I have already allowed you to publish a couple of thousand words here in response to an article that was only 450 words long. Yet you are grizzling and ungrateful.

    Try what you have been doing here on the Abe forum. They don’t allow any dissenting opinions at all. Have you complained to them about that yet? Didn’t think so. As I said, you are a hypocrite.

  21. I like the point about some sites not allowing dissenting comments. I have struck a few like that. One such has a name something like BundagenGlobal – a rebel subgroup. In general the sanction against feedback is no recommendation of their content. It suggests they have closed minds and are probably unreasonable in their views. In some cases they permit responses, but any input readers supply is conveyed to some internet version of a black hole. (While I have a predominantly closed mind, I still regard myself as reasonable.)

    If Tony Rogers was being sincere, I would expect or her or him to never provide a spurious website. That was the underlying motivation of my previous message. She or he did provide a spurious website. The name Tony Rogers could be spurious as well. Who knows ? There was not meant to be any suggestion on my part of a problem here with Google Chrome.

    Catching people providing false information and publicising their subterfuge is one way of persuading them to disseminate their disinformation elsewhere (if they are sane).

    At the same time, I could not completely comprehend all that Tony Rogers wrote and was curious to find out more background.

    Some of the information in the links back from other comment contributors here is quite telling – or ironic in one case.

  22. One annoyance I feel like mentioning: Tony, in addition to familiarizing yourself with other basic social conventions of the internet, try paragraphs. Walls of text are irritating to read and usually signify disorganized thinking.

    Paragraphs allows ideas to be made distinct as well as make it easier for a person to find their place if they have to look away. In a way, it’s almost self-censorship because it’s like you’re going out of your way to make people skip over your comment. If you have ideas worth reading, it’s worth putting forth some effort into presentation.

    A wall of text says that you’re more interested in the sound of your own typing than having an actual conversation. It’s selfish and treats your opponents like they’re merely tools for your self-gratification instead of actual people. So show some basic consideration for your fellow human beings and express yourself like an adult.

  23. Sometimes I wonder if commenters are reluctant to hit return (or “enter”, or whatever it’s called nowadays) in case the comment posts automatically like it does on facebook. I often format comments here for people by adding paragraph breaks.

    But I think you’re right in Tony’s case, Bronze Dog. He’s using the Wallpaper Approach to commenting. The other four comments of his that I refused to post here were 2500 words of identically patterned wallpaper, all attempting to cover over something he doesn’t want to see or deal with.

  24. These people are a phony and hokey as it gets. Bad acting. This woman is laughable with her stupid channelled “accent”. PT Barnum would be proud. There’s a sucker born every minute; desperate, pathetic people wanting to believe these scammers have the answers to life’s questions. All they do is promote selfishness and materialism while they laugh all the way to the bank.

  25. I heard an early recording of her and she was putting on a fake Hungarian accent and bossing people about like Zsa Zsa Gabor in a bad mood….

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