Esther Hicks fan demands logical fallacies

November 28, 2012

Here’s a bit of light relief after the previous post’s marathon of Bruce Lipton insanity.

Mariah, over at the Post-Abe blog, (which deals with Esther Hicks’s “Abraham”/law of attraction scam), recently put up a post that concluded:

“By the way, if anyone would like to provide a defense of Esther Hicks, in case I may be mistaken and she may have something of value for her listeners, I’d be glad to hear it. No logical fallacies. Here’s a handy chart for your review–” [Link to logical fallacies chart]

Now, If I were to post something like that, I’d expect a string of people insisting that their own particular way of thinking strange thoughts is NOT a logical fallacy. What I wouldn’t be expecting is what Mariah got. Some idiot going by the name of “Flipside” is demanding the right to post logical fallacies in the comments section of her site!

How fair, let alone rational, is it to invite a “defense of Esther Hicks”, which you say you will be “…glad to hear”, and then, before anyone has even offered anything at all, you limit said defense with “no logical fallacies”? Wow!….

So that’s an all time first. I’ve never seen anyone explicitly stating that logical fallacies are exactly the kind of things you need when defending a spiritual teacher, so it’s unfair to preclude them.

This might come as a shock to Flipside, but logical fallacies are statements that are demonstrably wrong. If you make them, you are being wrong and talking rubbish. You are saying that it is unreasonable to expect people to defend Esther Hicks if they are not allowed to talk rubbish while doing so. I don’t know who you are, and I’ve never seen any of your comments there before, but I am glad that you have put your standards for communication — and your implicit estimation of Esther Hicks’s teachings — so clearly on the record.

But I don’t think it was mere impatience that made Mariah install that condition. Scams like the one Esther Hicks runs are based not merely on ruthlessly exploiting people’s trust, hopes and fears, but also on exploiting the naturally occurring errors our brains like to make. Perhaps the quickest and most painless way of waking up to con artists like Esther Hicks is the discovery of the ancient wisdom known as the list of logical fallacies.

New Age teachers like Esther Hicks are always babbling about how “your perceptions shape your reality”, but they never mention things like confirmation bias or the post hoc fallacy. For some reason such things are completely excluded from their teachings.

Why do you think that is, Flipside? I’ll give you a hint. They don’t mention those ideas for exactly the same reason that Mariah did mention them!

But at least Flipside has kind of noticed something going on here:

….And I don’t see any responses. What a shock!!

Yep, the Hicks fans fell strangely silent after that. So you noticed it too! Who woulda thunk it! 

No wonder the blog is no longer as interesting as it used to be….

Yep, I’m sure the site has gone down hill ever since Mariah started asking people like you to try and say something sensible for a change. It must be very frustrating for you to have to sit through all that.

(The rest of Flipside’s comment is just a dull piece of concern trolling, so I won’t post it here.)



  1. Face -> palm.

  2. I love the “Wow!” after noting that I warn against using logical fallacies. Like I’ve really gone off the deep end for insisting people check their logical fallacies at the door. Actually, I was implying that no good case could be made for Esther Hicks’ claims without logical fallacies, but naturally my troll wouldn’t join me in that claim. I didn’t expect anyone to insist on their right to make their arguments using flawed thinking! Thanks for your insightful commentary, Yakaru! Indeed these scammers do rely on our gaps in critical thinking.

    Ancient wisdom to the rescue, yes! I love it! And it’s not a Secret, either.

    Flipside used to post quite a bit on my blog but I stopped posting obvious troll posts. This one was a perfect platform for me (and you!) to look at the lack of critical thinking going on in the new age world, and the exploitation of such.

  3. In that case I really have no sympathy for Flipside. I thought about it carefully before posting this, and I wouldn’t have done if I had thought the person was sincere and just a bit dotty. But this person should clearly go back to troll school. Trolls should be exasperating and insincere, which Flipside managed at the end of that comment which I didn’t quote, but they shouldn’t offer up such hilariously revealing targets like that!

  4. Thanks to both of you, Bronze Dog and Yakaru, for your supportive comments on my blog. It is much appreciated!!

  5. Glad to be of service. :)

  6. Well thank you for provoking such a hilarious admission from a troll!

    Maybe I should have quoted the rest of his comment, just to make it clear that he was trying to evade the topic of your post and derail the discussion. If it had have been a sincere comment from someone who was genuinely confused, I wouldn’t have mentioned it here.

  7. More gobbledy -gook from Esther Hicks.
    Patti Stanger (the never married matchmaker) queries Abraham about how to get married. She prefaces her question by stating, “A long time ago….” In other words, she has been following Esther Hicks’
    teachings for some time – without any results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdWn4Uxn_tA

  8. I always like it when they start talking about sex and wanting to “raise the vibration” — please you guys, no need to go into the messy details…

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