James Ray – The Prison Want Ads

May 21, 2013

James Arthur Ray, motivational speaker and star of The Secret, was found guilty of negligent homicide and sentenced to two years jail, after he cooked three people to death in a bogus sweatlodge in 2009. He is due for release on July 12 this year.


I have been wondering what James Ray will do upon his release. I’ve been expecting a slippery, slithery return to business, aimed at new customers and avoiding mention of what he’s been up to lately. Also, there are those who have clung onto him so far, hoping to grab a bargain business deal from a fallen dictator. They will be flooding the atmosphere with good vibes about Ray, and promoting exploitive “business opportunities” to the most vulnerable end of the market they can find.

That’s all still to come. But first up, the parole board requires Ray to remain in Arizona for 110 days after his release. That might pose some logistic difficulties for him I guess, but James Arthur Ray, author of Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want is an expert in using quantum physics and the Law of Attraction to get everything — yes everything — he wants… and you can too.

Or not.

Actually things don’t seem to be going so Harmonically well for Death Ray. He doesn’t know where he’s going to stay in Arizona for that time and has been reduced to getting his brother, Jon C Ray, to beg to other people for money, support and a couch to sleep on. An email which Jon Ray sent out privately has fallen into the hands of the activist blogger and kick ass fake robot the Salty Droid, who kindly featured it on his website:

I am hesitant to send this e-mail; however I just got off of the phone with James and time is becoming critical…
As I am sure all of you assume… this unfortunate situation has left James financially destitute.


Poor Death Ray. He spent $5 million on top shelf attorneys, and now he’s destitute.

The alternative to us NOT being able to find him lodging, would be that he would have to stay in a “group home” (or halfway house) with other recently released prisoners.

Destitute and considering a stint in a halfway house. So that’s what Harmonic Wealth looks like these days.

Ray appeared in The Secret with a giant blue genie that he claimed promises to grant the audience unlimited wishes– not just three! Yes, ha ha, think on that one!” Ray, you see, as he told countless fawning and credulous TV presenters after Oprah catapulted him to fame, knows how to get wealth in every area of his life.

Video compiled and fooled about with by Salty Droid

It is indeed a truly somber and sobering realization that even high powered motivational speakers, who have the strongest force in the universe and the whole of quantum physics at their fingertips, sometimes meet challenges that are simply beyond their means…. Like having to stay in Arizona for three and a half months.

Speaking personally, I also find this situation most regrettable. I would have preferred to see James Ray staying in jail for the decade or two (or three) that he fully deserved and could easily have gotten with a different judge. Instead he’s getting out in less than two years. He should count himself extremely lucky.

And while where on the topic of “unfortunate” circumstances, it should also be noted that many of Ray’s former students were financially ruined by him. Some of them then had to put up with Ray’s attorneys trying to ridicule and humiliate them in court — the same attorneys that Ray bought with their money. 

But still, James Ray feels hard done by and is pleading for pity.

Ray’s brother continues:

….I have simply exhausted my and James’ resources (me being 1200 miles away) and now am counting on the universe to guide someone to the right resource to help us in this desperate situation.

Desperate, Jon C Ray? Desperate?

His worse case scenario is spending a couple of months in a halfway house full of ex-prisoners. Given that at the moment he’s living in a jail, with current prisoners, that has to be seen as an improvement, doesn’t it? 

Desperate would have been if they kicked him out on the street. He would have been homeless and destitute. Does that ring any bells, Jon Ray?

James Ray: “Homeless and destitute? I will teach you how to survive and thrive”. (Video by Salty Droid)

Do you remember, Jon Ray, how you were sitting on a chartered bus at your brother’s Creating Absolute Wealth event in 2009, with a participant called Colleen Conaway?

She was on her way to do a “homelessness” exercise, and you were there as a staff member to help supervise and make sure nothing went wrong. Remember how you didn’t bother waiting for her to get back on the bus afterwards because she was dead? Remember how James Ray and some of the staff colluded to conceal her death not only from the police, but from other participants and even other staff members?

Your brother could have said to himself at that point “Oh my God, I’m dangerous. I’d better stop risking people’s lives or next time I might not be able to cover it up.” But he didn’t stop and soon he found himself trying to cover up three more deaths at his next event in Arizona.

Note to potential James Ray customers

Although we know much about the four deaths caused by James Arthur Ray, the vast majority of  his victims have been financially ruined rather than killed. Future customers need to be warned that although it’s now perhaps less likely that Ray will cook you to death, he is still just as ruthless, reckless, brutal and stupid as the court documents showed him to be. And now he’s desperate, and feels that the universe entitles him to your money. He needs his steroids and is human growth hormones and his stimulants and his hair loss treatment and his herpes meds. And you risk financial ruin if he manages to pull you into the expanding quagmire of his life.

Posted by Yakaru



  1. “The secret of attracting the life you want”…I know for a fact this works, provided what you want is to spend time in prison!

    That letter is the nerviest thing I’ve ever seen. They’re “counting on the universe to guide someone”? Why not just manifest the stinkin’ rent money yourself?

    I agree, Yakaru, the risks of becoming a James Arthur Ray customer are significant. And I hope to god no one lets this psychopath into their home.

  2. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I give James Arthur Ray a place to stay?” or “Should I take advice from James Arthur Ray?” you may want to consider a “no” response, for your own health and safety!

    And why isn’t his brother kicking down for rent money? It’s not that much money! What are they offering in exchange for a place to stay? Or do they just expect people to offer a place for free?

  3. The website http://www.jamesray.com is undergoing “updates” (a possible euphemism for frozen / partially disabled).
    The website http://www.seejamesfree.com is defunct.
    I would be interested to learn which if any of his publications are now bestsellers.
    Books and DVDs are still available for purchase online, both new and secondhand, and presumably the royalties from sales of new copies are going somewhere (to James Ray International Inc. ?)

    Someone could let the legal authorities in Arizona know about the fund-raising / accommodation issues… They might seek to examine his income tax records, and those of James Ray International Inc, review his case and decide he is not ready for release just yet.

    He might need more rehabilitation, more counselling, & more negative reinforcement.

  4. As I recall, the Bates Motel run by Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates ?) is somewhere in Arizona, or at least Janet Leigh debunked from her office job in Phoenix with all that cash she stole. Someone could sponsor James Ray for a three month Holiday, all expenses paid, at the Bates Motel, I guess the showers there still function, the shower curtains are fixed and the blood stains have been removed.

    Crime does not always pay.

  5. @Mariah,
    His brother put it very clearly – James is destitute, so “we” can’t afford to pay much. Destitution is an infectious disease it seems.

    I don’t know anything about legal issues, or finances for that matter, but from what I’ve seen so far, the AZ authorities, with the exception of the presiding judge, have Death Ray pretty well sussed out.

    I’d never heard of that “see James free” site. It sounds like LoA-speak. Had he avoided jail time, there are plenty who would have claimed that he manifested it for himself with his higher powers. During the trial he was often to be seen with his hands in a triangle “shooting energy” at certain people. So he definitely believes he has some magical powers, but apart from that, he’s a fairly normal psychopath with a bit of a brutal streak.

  6. Ah, but you said yourself he should consider himself very lucky he didn’t get a much longer sentence, so the energy triangle pointy thing must work. It just doesn’t necessarily manifest the rent right when you need it. Some masters have one particular skill, others another – he’s good at getting out of jail and killing people.

  7. It is appropriate to explain about “seejamesfree.com”

    This demonstrates an issue I encounter with the ambiguity of online text communication.

    Given that Death Ray (yes, it works) is in jail at the moment, a website “seejamesfree.com” sounds like a website dedicated to releasing Death Ray (to wreak further havoc, of the human tornado variety).

    Whereas “seejamesfree.com” was established to funnel audiences to Death Ray´s seminars (or sales pitches).

    The three words: see, james and free; put together can have different meanings, and different people may perceive different meanings, and perceive the different meanings at different times in history.

    As far as I can tell, James Ray International Inc. is paying (probably not very much annually) for the continuing web presence of jamesray.com, so there is money/liquidity out there somewhere.

    I would not be surprised if the “destitution” claim is part of some cynical pre-publicity campaign to garner sympathy and free advertising and further media exposure before his return from Elba (I am talking about James Ray, not Norman Bates nor Napoleon, both of whom also came back).

    James Ray needs a career change though. I can hardly wait to see what media appearances are forthcoming, and hear what he has been doing in prison (writing more books ?)

  8. @Donald,
    Aha. That’s interesting. I never looked at too much of his promo stuff. There was a lot of speculation that he must have squirreled away millions in off shore accounts and crooked charity companies and his numerous registered business names. All new age gurus seem to be running the same business model like that. He went from constantly crowing about how many millions he was making to saying he was broke, as soon as he was arrested and bail set at $5 million. But I think it is in fact possible, if not probably, that he really did blow everything he had on the things that new age gurus blow their cash on. But I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if as you suggest it’s an act to get sympathy too.

    I think it is certain that he’s a clinically identifiable psychopath, which explains his shocking indifference to human suffering, utterly ruthless cunning, and constant pleas for pity.

    But, as far I can see, he is also genuinely rather stupid. Extremely stupid. He was incredibly irresponsible in all his other actions, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to think he was irresponsible with his own money as well, especially as he expected to be the world’s first billionaire guru.

    Yes! And he could even have credibly been gloating about getting off so lightly. A normal human being probably would have done, but in his mugshot reveals the face of a man who seems extremely pissed off about something. I’m sure his lawyers sold him on the idea that they’d get him off.

    Why isn’t his brother kicking down the money? Well his brother explained it clearly — James is destitute, so “we” can’t afford much rent… Perfectly clear…. at least in Ray-speak. Nearly all Ray-speak translates as “give us your monies”.

  9. This makes my blood boil … all over again. NOTHING has changed with this guy, the web of lies & deceit continues ….
    Check out his brother’s Facebook page – search Jon Ray, who evidently isn’t bright enough to exclude his FB posts from non friends – & you’ll see him BRAGGING (family trait) about his HUGE success refurbishing houses…

    “And one small incredibly successful remodeling company now becomes a family of 5 companies. 100% ownership of one company does not equal 33% ownership of 5! Thanks to my incredible 2 new partners for having faith in my abilities and quality of work. My personal 27 rentals just exploded into over 80… A couple more years of hard work then Cynthia and I are off to winter in the Bahama’s for martini’s and sun tans”

    Hmm … yet Jon & Cyn don’t have the $$$ to pay rent for JAR in Arizona? This whole thing is yet another scam to lure people into thinking if they give JAR a roof over his head for 3 months, they will be in the (un)enviable position of being “in HIS gang”, being special (just like James). Shades of the World Wealth Society …. he bragged endlessly about how “Women love me and I love women.” And unfortunately, there are still more than enough stupid die-hard women out there who will jump at this piece of rescuing bullshit & he probably already has an entire suite & gym reserved for him – rent free – in the house of some salivating fan only too keen to pander to his dietary whims, trips to the Botox clinic etc and be his ‘bestest friend.’ And of course, he’ll put all THIS down to the LOA and his amazing powers. The man’s a hypocritical buffoon who’s spent years trading off his looks (gone) and money (offshore) and is already back on the path to Same Old Same Old … only without the fake sweatlodges.

  10. I can’t figure out why Death Ray wasn’t sued for the wrongful deaths that he caused. He should get it where it really hurts him, in his bank account. I would have a destitute-boot up his ***!

  11. Comment deleted by site owner.

    Offensive/inappropriate content.

  12. @Liza Marie,

    There have in fact been numerous civil cases against Ray. They were noted at times during the trial. I know of at least one that is going on right now too.

    @Gracia De Morales,

    I deleted your comment because I will not have people using this site for that kind of talk. This site is not a platform for promoting James Ray in any form whatsoever, or doing anything that even looks like it. Wrong place. Go away.

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