Blogging James Ray’s book The Science of Self Destruction — Part 2: Self-defeating prophesies

September 27, 2013

In some ways, James Ray probably isn’t the worst motivational speaker out there. 

A quick glance at the Salty Droid website reminds me of Bernd Klein, a nasty small man from Germany who changed his name in the US to Dr Leonard Coldwell and is living his psychopathic motivational dream. This “doctor” has a habit of raping his clients while they’re lying on his therapy table. Or there’s the entire Herbalife company which specializes in systematically ruining the lives millions of people and, as it happens, also seems to be a money laundering front for the US Drug Enforcement Agency in the horrifying drug war in Mexico.

Multi-level marketing and motivational speaking go hand in hand. The manic psychological state of motivational speakers is the perfect medium for selling products devoid of intrinsic value, and exploiting not only people’s greed but often people’s desperation. James Ray has, since his release from prison, been attempting to kick-start god knows how many MLM scams.

And so we proceed to Part 2 of our inspection of James Ray’s 2003 book, The Science of Success

We left off last time in the middle of Ray’s obligatory and formulaic rags to riches story, He was in the “material success” phase and on the cusp of the “catastrophe” phase of his narrative. After becoming a successful body builder by working out and shooting steroids, he had a motorcycle accident. He was told by doctors that his body was now too damaged to work out like he used to, so he got depressed and lay about for six months. Then one day — holy heck this story sucks, James, hurry up! — he was watching TV and started to wonder if he can still be an okay person even if he can’t be a body builder anymore.

At that moment something changed. I saw that I was the same person that I’d always been, with the same character, and the same values, goals and dreams. I started waking up to who I really was, and promised myself I would never again… put myself in the position to define myself [sic] by externals.

Okay, scrap that joke I made in the first post about Ray having a ghost writer. This guy doesn’t even have a proofreader by the looks of it. Anyway, his deep existential crisis was solved by reading pasty new age books about spirituality and quantum physics. And then…..

I got multiple promotions at work and became an upper-mid-level manager in a fortune 500 company. I started earning a very handsome salary and attracting new friends into my life who loved and supported me.

When I was an upper-mid-level manager at AT&T, I left and started my own company. That was a stretch for me, and I was scared. But i did it anyway, and the first year my income tripled.

Er, so what was that about not defining yourself by externals? But this was a different kind of materialistic success, because Ray achieved it using the “laws” in this book, which involve “remembering who we are.”

When we do not succeed, it’s because we are not living in alignment with those laws. It’s just that simple.

So there you have it folks. All your successes you can attribute to ol’ Death Ray, and your failures are your own fault. But what the fuck happened the idea of not defining yourself according to material successes?

James Ray’s version of living in harmony with the Eternal Laws of the Spirit

Neither Ray nor any other Law of Attraction guru has thought about this beyond the “give me your monies” phase of this royal road to self destruction. Ray’s plan isn’t just an effective and fail-safe method of ruining your finances and becoming an insufferable loudmouth along the way. It’s also a path to needless self-doubt and self-blaming, and general psychological implosion.

There may be times when you don’t understand exactly how the Science of Success works, just as you may not understand exactly how electricity works. You don’t have to understand how electricity works in order to flip the light switch and turn on a light. I promise that if you study and apply the principles in this book, you will “flip the switch” and you will succeed.

And here we have the Second Universal Principle. Remember the First Principle we identified in Part 1; that all LoA gurus will say it works just like gravity. The second is of course that every LoA guru will sooner or later tell us we don’t know how electricity works. (You’ve probably already worked out what the Third Principle must be — something about magnetism.) But the person who installed the light fitting knew enough about how electricity works for the light to function. What James Ray is offering you is a light switch with no wires attached, and wants credit for each time the sun happens to come up. Nights are your own fault,

Discovering who I am, and how success happens, has made all the difference in my life. It has made getting up reach morning a joy. I have the partner, the work, the house and the life of my dreams because I live in harmony with universal laws.

This is crass materialism justified by the existence of imaginary laws which are supposed to be somehow spiritual. And it’s a recipe for disaster on every level. You identify your deepest sense of sense with worldly success, and necessarily blame yourself for any misfortune that may befall you. A friend dies, you get diagnosed with a terrible illness, whatever — it happened because you weren’t in harmony with Death Ray’s imaginary Universal Laws. How can you tell if you’re in harmony with the laws?

Don’t bother asking Ray or any other LoA guru — they don’t know. Even if the laws were real, you can only tell with hindsight if you were acting in accordance with them. This means that those lucky — or ruthless — ones at the top of their MLM pyramid get to go prancing about mouthing off about their God-given success, and their victims are left struggling to buy clothes for their kids.

See Part 3 

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  1. Hi
    I’m a french guy in France. I totally agree with you and your Website.
    Hold on, go on !
    Best regards.
    Philippe Durand

  2. Thanks! I really really appreciate that!

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