Lying for Death Ray Pt 4 – James Ray’s obsession with death continues

May 8, 2016

As we saw in the previous posts, duped journalist Lizzie Crocker has allowed the convicted killer James Arthur Ray to use her spot on the Daily Beast as a platform not only to advertise his deadly scam, but also to lie about the acts for which he was convicted. Crocker refused to interview the families of his victims and plays dumb about the facts of his conviction. Ray is well connected in the media, so sucking up to him is obviously a good career move. Either that or Ms Crocker is even dumber than Ray is, which I doubt.

But on with the final few sentences of this disgraceful piece of fraudulent journalism. For the climax of the article, Crocker recounts how James Ray gave her a sample of his profound wisdom.

Ray then told me a story from the Baghavad [sic] Gita, the ancient Hindu text which he read several times in prison, about Arduna [sic] and Krishna.

As with everything else in the article, that single sentence is riddled with lies and stupid errors. To start with, there is no one in Hindu mythology called “Arduna”. There is an “Arjuna”, and maybe Ray said it correctly and Crocker misheard him and didn’t bother checking before embarrassing herself. Or maybe Ray confused Arjuna with Iduna from Norse mythology and misspoke. Or maybe Ray misheard it from whoever mentioned it to him, because the one thing which can be excluded is the hilarious idea of Ray reading the Bhagavad Gita (note the spelling, Ms Crocker!) even once, to say nothing of “several times”.

As mentioned earlier in this series, Ray’s literacy level was ranked as “8th Grade” according to his prison aptitude test.

Ray1lit 1James-Arthur-Ray-8th-Grade-ShamanTo translate all this, the two N’s on his functional literacy test mean that he didn’t sit his scheduled test for some reason, and the S means “satisfactory”. The Arizona Department of Corrections explains what that “Edu. 4” in the lower graphic means: that he’s fulfilled “Functional literacy needs (8th grade)”, which is one step above “Low IQ (possibly exempt)/ foreign national”. So it’s no surprise he didn’t know the name of one of the two central characters in the book that he, um, “read several times” in jail.

….Or maybe he read it during his, um, “six weeks” of “solitary confinement” and was so mentally scarred from the isolation that he can’t remember names so well anymore….

disruptI chased up his disciplinary record since mentioning it in an earlier post. One infraction which seems to be disrupting roll call or something similar. And he of course appealed it, but his guilty verdict on this “minimal violation” was upheld… and of course resulted in six weeks in solitary…. For disrupting the roll call. Well Lizzie Crocker believed it and reported as fact, so why doesn’t anyone else?

Arduna’s having this internal battle about going to war and how he’s supposed to love his fellow countrymen, and at one point Krishna says to him, ‘You are who you are.’”

He paused, then went on…..

Well no wonder Ray paused after such a profound gem as that. And no wonder Crocker felt the need to highlight the drama of this powerful “teaching moment” with the great man…

But despite all the gravitas and Sturm und Drang that Crocker must have felt, Ray got it totally wrong. This “Arduna” fellow, as Ray wants to call him, was indeed “having this internal battle” — correct! Well done James! But his struggle most certainly is not about “having to love his fellow countrymen”. Not even close. “Arduna” is about to lead a war against his own family members, and is horrified by the idea. There’s nothing about “fellow countrymen” in the Bhagavad Gita. Ray clearly has not read the book, and is making this up as goes along.

And Krishna does not tell him “You are who are you are.” And here is where Death Ray’s falsely claimed wisdom becomes disturbing. Ray’s behavior, as recounted in police records, fits the profile of the classical psychopath quite perfectly. The last thing anyone would want a convicted homicidal psychopath to be thinking is “You are who you are.”

Death Ray continues, explaining his concocted version of Hinduism to the breathless starstruck Crocker:

“It’s folly to reject your identity, so stand up and take the action that you know you must take…

This is exactly the kind of aggressive, ruthless bluster that he was engaging in before he caused all those deaths.

…Part of the traditional personal development arena—and I want to tread lightly here because I have utmost respect for this arena—paints a picture that you always have to be positive…

Well that’s what he built his reputation teaching — the law of attraction, with his personal guarantee that it “always works, every time always”. But then when a master of manifesting your own destiny gets carted off to jail for being such a vicious, stupid and deadly asshole, some revisions must be made to the sales pitch.

…But sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth. You have to embrace it and figure out how you can turn around.”

So there you have it — Ray was “being himself” when he tortured his customers to death. This much, sadly, I must say I agree with…. And then, for reasons that Ray finds entirely baffling, “life” inexplicably “kicked him in the teeth” when he was sent to prison for doing it. And now failed journalist Lizzie Crocker is helping him “turn it around” and launch a repeat performance. But let’s give the last word to the convicted homicidal 8th grader who still hasn’t realized he needs a proofreader.

death ray 3Ray: “If it doesn’t cost you your life than [sic] it’s not your quest.”

Posted by Yakaru



  1. Somehow, prior to this, I must have only barely skimmed and been largely unaware of the Daily Beast article.

    I think I was conflating it with The Verge article.

    Now that, that’s cleared up– WTH, Lizzie!? Indoctrinated much?

    I mean Harlene Quinzelle is a fun character, but she’s not a good role model for your life choices.

    You are seriously using/misusing your megaphone to the Public to help pave the way for an Eden-esque snake.

    It makes me sad.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  2. I just sent Ms Crocker & the Daily Beast a tweet saying that I’ve just written more than 9000 words correcting her errors and Ray’s lies, and pointing out that they have so far printed 0 words correcting them.

    I understand it’s hard for journalists to make a buck, especially when they don’t know how to use google or wikipedia (to check something like how to spell Bhagavad Gita), but simply writing PR copy for a convicted crim is even more disgraceful than the way the media unquestioningly turned Ray into a star in the first place.

    Anyway, thanks for checking in, Wyrd!

  3. You’ve covered this really well, Yakaru. This last piece draws out just the things I was thinking when I read the article, except I didn’t spot the “Arduna” thing. I too thought the “You are who you are” bullshit fitted his psychopathy perfectly. He uses a misreading of Hindu scriptures to pass the buck, just as he’ll use the fatalism built in to various forms of New Age philosophy, a doctor present at his cook-ins, his own clients or anything else he can think of. Whatever happens, /non mea culpa/.

    “It’s folly to reject your identity, so stand up and take the action that you know you must take…”
    …have a sandwich.

    And when the hell did he publish that “If it doesn’t cost you your life…” monstrosity, surely not AFTER killing four people? Before, it’s a sick irony. After, it’s taking the piss.

  4. He published it last week. Salty Droid retweeted it — I can’t retweet anything of his because he blocked me for some reason. (Actually I had a couple of months attacking and ridiculing his badly written tweets straight after the deaths. He didn’t bother checking, and had his twitter feed displayed on his website. It was kinda funny. Hideous as it all is with this freak, he does provide opportunities for some cheap laughs. He is genuinely a very stupid person.

    Immediately after the deaths he kept giving seminars, and saying how it was all the worst thing that ever happened to him. Eventually the venues he’d booked started canceling him, so he stopped. But he really thought he’d gotten away with it like he did with Colleen’s death. Holy fuck I hate that piece of shit.

  5. This fourth installment Yakaru with the things he’s saying now is the scariest of the lot in many ways. He clearly has learnt nothing from what happened and it’s still all about him. Your branding of psychopath seems entirely justified.

  6. He has frequently demonstrated his fascination with death — albeit other people’s. He also clearly enjoys watching people suffering, according to accounts of his behavior in various circumstances. Those who deal with him would certainly be safer if they assume psychopathy. In fact, I know of nothing that I’ve ever seen or heard about that he’s said or done that does not fit squarely onto that checklist.

    I find it noteworthy that he fits so well into the exploitative “spirituality” of New Age culture that is entirely geared against consumer protection. Criticism has been so completely shut out in that scene, that a dangerous sicko like Ray can just waltz in and take what he wants while the media stands on the sidelines and cheers him on.

  7. Thanks for keeping us abreast about this, i’ve found little if any other rational breakdowns on this man and his actions/words, you are providing us a great service in this regard.

    All the best Yakaru,

  8. Thanks a lot Woody!

    I was quite disappointed at the lack of response from skeptics when those deaths happened. Skeptics, I find, tend to focus exclusively on logical fallacies and too often ignore victims of manipulation, or write them off as stupid. But The Secret was much more than a grab bag of logical fallacies. It was cold blooded repitilian manipulation at a level that not even the most cynical skeptic (me included) was aware of when it came out.

    With Ray, a measure of genuine brutality seems also to be in the mix.

  9. This guy (James Arthur Ray) is trully a first class scumbag! He’s drowning in his own BS…
    Why he’s not still in prison… and serving, say, at least a 30yr term (vs just two years), is beyond all comprehension.

  10. Indeed. He was looking at a maximum sentence of 39 and a half years for manslaughter. I would have thought 30 was about right too.

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