The real reason why that F–ing Moron is staying loyal to Mike Flynn

December 19, 2018

I don’t usually write about current events here, and I might delete this post at some point, but I do want to comment on something that should really be obvious but no one in the US media has suggested.

I assume everyone is aware of the news today that Trump wished his former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn good luck before his sentencing hearing. Many in the media are baffled as to why Trump hasn’t disowned Flynn in the way he has others. After all, Flynn flipped extremely quickly to try and save his own skin by betraying his boss.

Before that, Trump refused to sack Flynn, despite the urgent warnings from the Justice Department that Flynn was severely compromised. Trump must have known that Flynn’s goose was cooked and he’d be under close surveillance and therefore both a danger to the entirely corrupt administration and useless for any further corrupt activities. Yet Trump refused to fire him for 18 days and then tried to corrupt the FBI in an effort to protect him.

Clearly Trump easily stupid enough not to know there was any danger in any of these actions, but that wouldn’t explain why he’s still defending Flynn. Is Trump so compromised that if Flynn falls, he falls? Is Flynn holding back some information from the FBI?

Maybe, but there is another extremely simple explanation.

Obama advised Trump not to hire Flynn. Disowning Flynn would mean admitting Obama was right.

I haven’t seen any journalist speculating about that possibility yet, and I think it might be because the even Trump’s sternest critics have difficulty perceiving just how stupid this person is.

I’ve dealt with many Law of Attraction/Power of Positive Thinking scammers here: James Ray, Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Bruce Lipton, and (as I’ve previously shown), Donald Trump. And Trump is by a considerable margin the stupidest of all of them. The media keeps calling him a businessman or a real estate developer, but they don’t realise that more than any of these things, he’s a failed law of attraction scammer.

Law of attraction scams fail in only two ways: the fraud squad catches up with you, or you are so freaking stupid that you really believe that you have the power to create your own reality and take on too much without any planning. Trump is guilty of both of these things.

Posted by Yakaru

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