Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Belief’ – Annotated With Facts: Part 42 (Another hallmark of pseudo-science: no progress or advancement, just marketing)

January 1, 2019

Lipton again. Continuing directly from the train wreck that was the previous and only sentence quoted las time, Lipton informs us of this:

Scientists have devised a way to stop an atom dead in its tracks by exploiting its energy waves. They first identify the frequency of a specific atom and then tune a laser to emit the same frequency. Though the atom and the photoelectric frequency emit the same wave pattern, the laser’s waves are designed to be out of sync with those of the atom. When the light wave interacts with the atom’s wave, the resulting destructive interference cancels the atom’s vibrations and it stops spinning. [Chu 2002; Rumbles 2001]

Neither of these articles are freely available online, so neither I nor Lipton’s readers can easily check this. But unlike Lipton’s readers I have doubts about how accurate Lipton’s explanation is here. Are the lasers really ‘attuned to the atom’s vibrations’?

And what on earth is “the atom’s wave”??????

But most importantly, why is Lipton even talking about this? He started off here trying to explain how a mammogram works, and now suddenly it’s all about lasers.

When you want to enhance rather than stop atoms, you find vibrations that create harmonic resonance. Those vibrations can be of electromagnetic or acoustic origin.

Ah, that’s why he was talking about lasers: to explain why what is happening has nothing to do with lasers.

When, for example, a skilled vocalist like Ella Fitzgerald maintains a note that is harmonically resonant with the atoms of a crystal goblet, the goblet’s atoms absorb her sound waves.

Do we really need to check for any record of Ella Fitzgerald ever performing this trick? Of course there is none. This easy and inconsequential lie simply demonstrates how easily Lipton makes up fake facts rather than engaging with reality.

Also, it is not the frequency of the sound waves that smashes a goblet, but rather their intensity: the pressure being applied to the molecules that pass on the wave.

Furthermore, this site suggests the breakage actually occurs only if the glass has a slight flaw: without one, it won’t break.

Through the mechanics of constructive interference, the added energy of resonant sound waves causes the goblet’s atoms to vibrate faster. Eventually the atoms absorb so much energy that they vibrate fast enough to break free from the bonds that hold them together. When that happens, the goblet actually explodes.

More significantly, though, we can note a factual error: the bonds that are broken are between molecules, but Lipton is talking of individual atoms. That is why they only break along fault lines and leave large jagged shards of glass. Lipton has the goblet being atomised by Ms Fitzgerald.

Doctors use constructive interference mechanics to treat kidney stones….

Again, this does not use ‘frequency’ so much as intensity.

….a rare case where the laws of quantum physics have been harnessed as a therapeutic tool in modem medicine.

Factual error. This is not a “rare case”. Modern medicine — by definition — uses modern science. Lipton keeps repeating this lie, while simultaneously disproving it.

Kidney stones are crystals whose atoms vibrate at a specific frequency. Doctors non-invasively focus a harmonic frequency on the kidney stone. Constructive interference results when the focused energy waves interact with the atoms in the kidney stones. Like the atoms in the crystal goblet example above, the atoms of the kidney stones vibrate so quickly that the stones explode and dissolve.

Factual error: again, he talks of atoms rather than molecules. Kidney stones are not atomised.

The science of physics implies that the same harmonic resonance mechanism, by which sound waves destroy a goblet or a kidney stone, can enable similar energy harmonics to influence the functions of our body’s chemistry.

This is another one of these compound errors that Lipton specialises in. We will have to break it down a bit.

An experienced reader of Lipton will already have spotted the key word that holds the whole thing together, and is utterly spurious, specious and dishonest:

The science of physics implies….

Factual error #1. Lipton is writing this whole book in order to make an argument. This is one point at which he desperately needs to make it. But instead of even trying, he informs his audience that his argument is “implied” by the science of physics. As we will see, physics does not imply what he is about to argue.

…that the same harmonic resonance mechanism…

Factual error #2: again, this it is not merely resonance, but intensity of the wave.

…by which sound waves destroy a goblet or a kidney stone, can enable similar energy harmonics…

Factual error #3: again, intensity is important, so he is wrong to talk of “energy harmonics”. There is a reason why he keeps insisting on this wrong version of the physics though.

…to influence the functions of our body’s chemistry.

Factual error #4: kidney stones are crystalline — meaning simple — structures, and therefore easy to break. Some things in the ‘body’s chemistry’ are simple, some highly complex. Anything more complex than a simple repeating crystalline structure is not going to be susceptible to having its molecules (or even its atoms!) ‘dissolved’ by some kind of nice soft harmonious harmonic energy.

Where is he heading with this? I’m not sure — I’m not reading ahead. But I can already show you the kind of thing that this book is intended to “scientifically prove”; the kind of thing that Lipton claims modern physics “implies”.

Here is Lipton’s colleague and fellow deadly cancer quack, Gregg Braden. He is explaining how humming at a certain frequency can “dissolve” cancer tumors. Just like that. He says he has been traveling around the world, showing this video of how easy it is to dissolve cancer tumors..

One notices that Braden prefers showing a video rather than actually getting the monks to come with him and perform this straight forward procedure.

Jonas Salk immediately made his polio vaccine available to the world. this treatment, if real is clearly on the same scale. But not Braden, for obvious reasons.

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