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Still more problems with Kabel Deutschland — I quit

July 8, 2013

My apologies for continuing to complain about my third internet (non-)provider, Kabel Deutschland.

I also apologize to first time commenters whose comments might get stuck in moderation for a day or two, because I don’t have any internet at home anymore. I’m writing this from an internet cafe.

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Deutsche Telekom & Kabel Deutschland: Thanks for Nothing AGAIN

June 19, 2013

Again, I will have to apologize to readers and users of this blog for some likely problems and delays. I will also apologize for griping again about Germany’s atrocious professional standards and utter incomprehension of the basics of customer service in many areas.

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How Not to Argue Like a Complete Fool

February 23, 2010

Dedicated to cancer quack, Andreas Moritz

You may be aware that WordPress had blocked a science blog after a spurious threat of libel action from the even more spurious cancer quack, Andreas Moritz.

(See earlier story here, Cancer Quack v. WordPress #1)

Well, I am happy to note that WordPress have now seen the light, and reinstated the blog.

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Cancer Quack v. WordPress #1

February 22, 2010

Cancer Quack 1 : WordPress 0

Cancer quack Andreas Moritz seems to have threatened WordPress with a “hefty lawsuit” for hosting a blogpost criticial of naturopathy. Like most woos, he sees any criticism as a personal attack, rather than an opportunity for assessment, refelection and reasoned response.

Updated 22 Feb, 23 Feb….

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