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A Short Note on the Politics of the Law of Attraction

November 7, 2012

Over at the “Post-Abe” blog, Mariah (who sometimes comments here) has an interesting post about yet another way that the Law of Attraction disempowers its believers — this time in the realm of politics. Here’s a link to it.

The “Abe” referred to in the blog name, by the way, is “Abraham”, a spiritual entity made famous by the channeler (i.e. liar), Esther Hicks. Curiously (i.e. stupidly), the term “Abraham” is not singular, but plural. It refers to a curious collection of disembodied and diffuse invertebrates which at different times includes Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed (as well as others).

One might expect such a diverse group of critters like these to have trouble finding any common ground. At times they certainly do appear to be rather ignorant and undecided about their own teachings — in fact, it’s almost as if it’s being made up on the spot by a poorly educated and hucksterish ex-Mormon who’s being promoted by her Amway trained husband — but as it happens, there is one thing they always agree on: the Law of Attraction. I guess they only discovered it after they died. But the important thing is Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed got to lend their prestigious names to the “Abraham” label, even if their previous knowledge and talents have been completely subsumed by this corporate giant.

Anyway, before I go too far off topic, I wanted to highlight a point that Mariah made about the LoA and the current US presidential election. She noted that followers of Abraham (which she has cutely dubbed “Hicksians”) have been lately telling her that there’s no need to vote. Instead she should get into the “vortex” (this is another Abe teaching) and use the LoA to create the reality she wants.

Mariah answers them:

While you’re out there ignoring what you don’t like and pretending you’re in the {imaginary} vortex and not caring about politics, the ones who are paying attention are the ones making things happen. There’s irony there.

People believing they create their own reality, but not actually doing so… while their world is created around them by the people who are paying attention. Dang, these are disempowering teachings! 

If the overwhelming majority of LoA fans were potential Republican voters, then keeping them away from the polling booths would probably be the only good thing that has EVER come from the stupid and ugly Law of Attraction. Certainly the LoA is much closer to the immoral and stupid Republican platform on issues like rape, birth control, health insurance, global warming, environmental protection and foreign aid. The more I think about it, the more I feel like saying to LoA fanatics, “Okay guys, right! Don’t vote, don’t insure yourselves, and above all don’t open your stupid mouth in public ever again either. Got it?”