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The LoA: One Law for the Rich, One for the Poor

April 2, 2010

Other New Age gurus still haven’t quite worked out what to do about James Arthur Ray.

Four successful scammers, and one odd man out

While they are all looking at their shoes or mumbling about “letting the court decide” or “maybe he let his ego get in the way”, none of them are going to want look too carefully at the trial in August.

This is because Ray’s defense rests on the argument that he is not responsible for the events that he planned and executed, causing death and severe injuries as a direct result of his actions.

In other words, James Ray’s “tragic accident” gambit rests not only on denying the most basic levels of personal responsibility, it also rests on a categorical, unconditional, flat out denial of their dearly beloved Law of Attraction.

The “LoA” is one of the foundation stones of the ideology that has earned Ray and his mates, untold millions. It has served Ray well for many years, and was even the main reason why Oprah chose to make him a star.

But now he has no further need for it. In fact, any idea about taking responibility for ones actions is the last thing Ray will be wanting to hear about at his trial.

For his fellow scammers however, it is still one of the best money makers around. If it loses its popularity, who knows how long it will take them to find another invisible product that is so easy to sell, so resistant to attack from common sense, so amenable to being spread like a virus through the market place.

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James Ray Confronts Those Rumors at Last! (Lawyer Spin)

January 22, 2010

The latest assault on the English language has been squeezed out by the team at James Ray International, kindly noted by Rick Ross Forum commenter, Stoic.

Presenting information in a misleading or confusing way, surreptitiously twisting the meaning of commonly used words, and using all kinds of other rhetorical manoeuvres are the tools of James’s trade. These are the kinds of linguistic tricks Ray uses to get people to sign their money and lives away, and some of the more obvious ones are on display here.

To be fair to his team, they don’t have it easy. You’re not supposed to notice they are doing it, but when you’re using them to struggle this hard against reality, it sticks out like dog’s balls.

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The Death Lodge – exactly as planned

January 20, 2010

Contrary to many reports, James Ray’s deadly Arizona sweat lodge went pretty much according to plan.

Lawyers statements confirm it. Witness statements confirm it, and as we shall see, contrary to reports that Ray stood around and did nothing amid the chaos, he in fact gave decisive instructions as the first ambulances started coming down the hill…

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