“Anonymous” lectures you about Louise Hay

June 27, 2012

Dear Readers,

You have been personally addressed by an anonymous commenter on my (comparatively popular) earlier post on Louise Hay.

Now, commenters often pull various stunts to avoid dealing with the issues, (in this case, Louise Hay’s cancer quackery and dubious personal claims.) But this is the first time I’ve seen anyone simply open a comment with Dear Readers and then start lecturing people over my shoulder — as if to block me out of the conversation about my own post on my own blog!

And of course, this person didn’t deem it necessary to address any of the issues I had raised either. And it came as no surprise either, to encounter a New Ager with a narcissistic sense of entitlement instead of manners.

And she, (I feel it’s a she, but maybe I’m wrong), also didn’t bother reading the earlier comments in the thread: She would have seen that others had already made exactly the same points that she was wanting to make, (strange coincidence!), and that I (and others) had already responded to those same points.

She also didn’t bother reading my Comment Policy either, which specifically asks people not to leave comments exactly, point for point, like the one she left.

Never-the-less, after leaving a brief reply to her about her lack of decorum, I have generously decided to feature her brief and pointless lecture in a special post all of its own. I will also add the relevant sections of the comment policy (see side bar, top right), so that in future, Louise Hay fans can see how far this conversation has got until now, and can stop driving it around in circles.

And maybe they might even start reflecting on what it is that makes them all come up with exactly the same faulty logic. (Hint: manipulative persuasion and marketing should appear in your answer.)


So, this person wants you, her Dear Readers to know that:

Louise Hay has helped me on many of occasions that were associated on various aspects of my life.

From the comment policy: Before commenting about your “positive experiences” with a particular teacher, please ask yourself if it really in fact addresses my criticism. Unless I have explicitly argued that no one has ever had any positive experiences with a teacher, then your comment is likely to be irrelevant. (Note: having “helped people” does not automatically cancel out your favorite guru’s criminal activities nor the damage they have done.)    

Louise has taught me that I [should?] take responsibility for my own decisions and my own thoughts and also turn to myself when there was a positive or negative outcome.

From the comment policy:Add to all that, the truly strange habit of instructing me to ignore things I don’t agree with. Fine, how about you go first, and ignore my blog.

We are the painters of our own book of life and important we acknowledge that.

So you turn up on my blog, assume the right to talk past me directly to the readers — anonymously — and imply that I should be painting my own book? You have no sense of irony at all, do you.

And, from the comment policy: Similarly, claiming that someones beliefs might be “true for them” (so I shouldn’t be criticizing it) is hypocritical. If you really believed that, you wouldn’t comment in the first place, having already accepted that my views are “true for me”.

If you are looking for that person to be perfect in your eyes start by looking in the mirror…

From the comment policy:

…please do not do any of the following:

  • Attempt to analyze my motives rather than addressing my criticism
  • Judge me for being “judgmental”
  • Leave negative comments about me being “negative”
  • Criticize me for being critical

So why exactly are you, Ms/Mr Anonymous, not looking in your own mirror instead of criticizing me? Why do you think it’s fine for you to tell us to look in the mirror when that is exactly what you are NOT doing? You are a hypocrite. And you lack self awareness at the most basic level.

…as remember Louise always pointed to your own mirror not to her.

I’m not in the least surprised that a Louise Hay fan believes in double standards: the same double standard that Louise Hay lives by, where everyone but she is supposed to doubt themselves and look in the mirror instead of critically examining her deadly and stupid teachings. 

So in short your comment has just repeated the same manipulative stunt that I called Louise Hay on.

Take care everyone…

Did I already point out your arrogance? Not in as many words, so I’ll say it clearly: you are an arrogant, ill-mannered, hypocritical, self-ignorant, narcissistic douche bag for trying to use my blog as a platform for your dangerous and stupid ideas.

…and God Bless

Funny, it was only yesterday that I thought of adding this to the comment policy:

Furthermore, should you decide to leave a comment which fulfills the above criteria anyway, please don’t end it with “Well I’m going out now to enjoy the sun”, or some such. Doing that doesn’t suddenly transform your comment from a negative and nasty piece of hypocritical whining to a nice pleasant positive one.


  1. It’s like anonny was trying to complete a checklist of tropes, rather than listen and think about what’s been said. The result is that the comment sounds generic enough to be copypasta.

  2. I actually went back and checked the IP of the previous anonymous on that thread who left the same comment, thinking maybe I was being trolled or spammed. It’s beyond me why someone would want to push a poor innocent blogger out of the way in order to speak directly to the public, and then just repeat the same old guff.

    What I am starting to do though is add the general location of anonymouses in order to stop them turning up again later for a repeat performance.

  3. LOL Yakaru, I love that “addition” to the comment policy. It cracks me up how these people end their rants with “have a nice day” or “God bless” or “I’m off to follow my bliss” or my favorite, “I wish you well on your journey”– gag me with a spoon! And you’re right, signing off that way does not transform their kindly-worded (usually) negative rant into something positive. A clue to their delusion, perhaps.

  4. The only one that no one has done here yet is saying “Well I am leaving and will never return to this blog” and then they come back again keep complaining anyway.

  5. I thought I was among the few who this happens to! I guess not. I had a “Certified Heal Your Life” whack-job guru come to my blog and tell me the same odd “Peace be with you, I don’t like the negative energy here”. ICK!

  6. Feel free to copy and paste the comment policy if you intend posting more articles on such maters. It doesn’t stop them but you can just point to the relevant parts instead of explaining the whole thing time and again.

  7. Isnt presuming to tell someone “how” and “what” they can comment on/about arrogant? What is the point of allowig comments if they cannot be crafted inthe intended context of what one wants to express. Oh, that’t right, unless the comment supports your views, you really don’t want it. Ok. BTW, I think most of these people you criticize are charlatans, but just because I think that doesn’t mean you are not wrong about your comment policy reasoning.

  8. Ps. Don’t enjoy your day and I feel pretty neutral energy – I’m leaving because i’m done.

  9. @Cookie
    Normally I would have corrected your typos for you and taken the time to answer, but instead I just broke the link to the business page you are spamming for. Get a job.

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