Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” Debunked: Index of Articles

Part Zero: The Final Summing Up — here’s an opening paragraph:

Sadly, Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief fails entirely, and in the most ridiculous manner, to provide any support for his claims. It is baffling that someone with a Ph.D in biology can get so much basic factual information in his chosen field so wrong. Worse, the way he constructs his argument doesn’t connect up with the case he is trying to make. Unsurprisingly, the result is so incoherent, contradictory, and confusing that even Lipton frequently confuses himself and forgets what his own teachings are, and more than once winds up demolishing the case he was trying to make.

Part 1 The Central Dogma

Part 2 How genes determine life

Part 3 Metaphor and projection

Part 4 Cells seeking comfort

Part 5 Lipton & Lamarck vs Darwin

Part 6 Lipton ascribes Darwin’s ideas to Lamarck

Part 7 Lipton also misses Darwin’s ideas on co-evolution

Part 8 Chapter 1 reviewed

Part 9 Featuring Richard Dawkins on embryology

Part 10 Lipton blows up his own central thesis

Part 11 Lipton’s two distinct styles & punked by Darwin again

Part 12 No, cells don’t have brains or gonads, Dr Lipton!

Part 13 Lipton gets confused about heredity

Part 14 Dr Lipton plays down the danger of cancer, using mice

Part 15 Lipton starts lying

Part 16 Lipton’s own logic demolishes his claim that cells have brains


Part 17 Lipton is an extreme environmental determinist

Part 18 The law of attraction for amoebas

Part 19 Lipton’s theory of evolution

Part 20 Bait and switch with 3 billion distractions

Part 21 Lipton gets another central idea completely wrong

Part 22 Lipton reveals his method, not realising what he’s admitting

Part 23 Lipton thinks the brain is an undifferentiated glob of goo that’s incapable of retaining information


Part 24 The end of Chapter 3

Part 25 Chapter 3 again because of weird and stupid stuff I missed last time


Part 26 Liptonian quantum physics: preliminaries

Part 27 No quantum physics yet

Part 28 The “illusion of matter”

Part 29 Lipton gets confused: is it E=ec2 or E=m (where m= matter) or E=mc, and then squared?


Part 30 The attack on modern medicine begins

Part 31 Liptonian quantum physics in two diagrams

Part 32 Lipton gets confused and promotes Newtonian physics

Part 33 One sentence

Part 34 More quantum physics-free quantum physics

Part 35 Lipton says 3 sensible things in a row!!!!

Part 36 Medicine has not advanced and visible light is invisible

Part 37 Modern medicine and Newtonian gravity

Part 38 Death caused by invisible forces

Part 39 Mammogram of a tumor and Lipton gets his own pseudoscience wrong


Part 40 Vibrators

Part 41 Pseudoscience & cross-promotion

Part 42 Pseudoscience: no progress, just new marketing

Part 43 Lipton tries to present scientific evidence

Part 44 Become a radioasthesiast! Or not….(This is really dumb)

Part 45 Chapter 4 suddenly stops

Part 46 Forgot to write a title for this

Part 47 Lipton gets wrong spiritual ideas wrong

Part 48 Lipton switches laws of physics with laws of grammar

Part 49 Lipton ignores the whole of science

Part 50 Telling your tumor to shrink without flunking

Part 51 The Grand Central Lie (this is really stupid)

Part 52 Lipton states his case and contradicts himself

Part 53 Cartesian dualism unwittingly dropped, picked up, turned into a cartesian trinity


Part 54 Lipton’s model of the brain

Part 55 The gag reflex & the key to Lipton’s quackery

Part 56 Slithering snakes

Part 57 Lipton blows up his own argument yet again

Part 58 Leveraging the placebo effect

Part 59 Lipton unwittingly declares all alternative medicine is just a placebo


Part 60 Lipton’s weird theory of physiology

Part 61 The end of Chapter 6

Part 62 Epigenetic inheritance as a tool for child rearing

Part 63 More confusion about epigenetics

Part 64 Epigenetics and, um, chiropractic?

Part 65 Dr Lipton answers your questions about parenting & blows up his own argument again


Part 66 Dr Lipton advises: throw your baby into a swimming pool

Part 67 Lipton contradicts everything in the entire book

Part 68 Darwinian obstetricians

Part 69 Bruce Lipton doesn’t understand genetics

Part 70 The end, almost

Part 71 The final assault on Darwin

Part 72 Lipton gets evolution wrong, it’s irrelevant to his book, but he attacks Darwin anyway


Part 73 Dr Lipton talks to us about death

Part 74 Reincarnation as a cancer cure

Part 75 Lipton demolishes his own argument yet again

Part 76 Spiritual supremacy & fractal genetics

Part 77 The book stops

Postscript: Part 78 About that man who drank typhoid… (Turns out he was immune!)

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