New Age Horse Botherers

September 13, 2012

I can’t do it. I don’t know what to write about this video. I guess you’ll understand why if you watch it.

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider


I know it’s cheap just to just link to a video like that, so…..

I’ll offer free prizes for anyone who can provide some witty or insightful commentary.

1st Prize — A free face-lift from the Louise Hay Clinic

2nd Prize — A set of paradigm-shifting spanners

3rd Prize — A free subscription to @Conscious Horse on twitter



  1. Hi, Yakaru- Every time I look at an Access Consciousness video, I would swear I’m watching some kind of parody or spoof on the New Age silliness, but they’re for real! My favorite was when Gary Douglas said “She doesn’t want to be called Midnight. Ok? She doesn’t like that name.” Close second was the fact that the show is put on by horses. They want us all to know they’re conscious. And Gary musing, “How do horses know about tv? Oh yeah, they’re conscious.”

    The next time I go horseback riding, I will have to make sure the horses have been cleared energetically before I will even consider getting on one. I wonder if any of the horses every want to destroy and un-create (Access talk) Gary Douglas!

    And I thought conscious beings were not judgmental, so what’s Midnight doing bitching about her name? I really don’t think it’s right for the horse to complain about being called Midnight. She needs to clear out all those old judgments that are currently limiting herself.

  2. Third favorite, Gary Douglas saying, “they call me a horse medium”


  3. You raise important points, Mariah. I think Gary Douglas may be seriously under-estimating how often horses indulge in classical projection and denial. I think he’d do a lot more good if he were to lovingly point out to the horses that they are the creators of their own reality.

  4. What they say is Gary Douglas *talks* a lot of horse medium.

    Thanks for that Yakaru. I hope I win the spanners.

  5. I blame this video for causing delusions of grandeur in my unicorn.

  6. I should have placed a warning there, I guess, about not showing that video to unicorns or etheric beings who haven’t been thoroughly house trained.

    I think you’re certainly in with a show for the spanners. Maybe even the big one — but I’ll leave all that to the decision of the independent panel of Ascended Judges.

  7. A TV programme is not enough, if I had horses, they would want at least a whole TV station, and perhaps a complete network of (syndicated) TV stations, say “GGBC”.
    Can we have TV stations for mules, as well as donkeys, elephants and alpacas ?
    Once whinny gets around, sheep and goats will become activists for their own channels too.

  8. That’s very true. I think Gary Douglas gave up too soon. Maybe he was scared off from bigger ideas by the competition from dolphins and unicorns. There are midwives who offer dolphin assisted water-births, so why isn’t Gary offering horse assisted birthing?

    But anyway, I agree, the time is ripe for MuleTV, elephant whisperers and the Ancient Wisdom of the Alpacas Network.com. Come on Gary, get motivated: Live the dream!

  9. I was just wondering if you could find a creepier picture of Louise Hay? Wait, don’t answer that!

  10. Wow. Now that’s funny! I have a stick that I have a fond relationship with. Maybe I should start a show about that. Well, it’s not really a stick persay. It’s a vibrator. But I think I can definitely sense its consciousness. And it’s mine.

  11. Well, plenty of esoteric traditions would agree with you that they have souls. So it must be possible to communicate with them. A TV show about The Vibrator Whisperer would certainly be a lot more sensible than some jackass pretending horses talk to him.

    Gary Douglas says that people can get reincarnated as a horse, but I think I’d prefer to come back as a vibrator. That’d be kinda cool.

  12. Well, this thread’s going kinky places. All we need is brony slashfics, now.

  13. That does open up some new and unexpected territory. I’d never heard of any of this, so I’ll provide a little elucidation courtesy of the Urban Dictionary for others who might be as equally in dark —

    Brony (bro+pony) is a “name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, etc.) of the My Little Pony show”.

    “Slash Fiction is the portrayal of a perceived homosexual relationship between two lead characters in a popular continuity.”

    Is Gary Douglas a brony? Would lesbianism between rainbow colored unicorns be relevant to his interests? I will not be drawn into premature speculation, but I will provide a link for those wishing to pursue this issue further–

  14. I have a feeling in this case, the shoe would fit…

  15. Hooray, until now I never knew for sure what slash fiction was, I tentatively assumed it had to do with sword-fighting swashbucklers, because the term as I encountered it was applied to the “Patrick O´Brien” (sic) Aubrey-Maturin series of Napoleonic naval warfare books – which has some cutlass slashing combat in it from time to time.
    What follows is not my own inspiration, plagiarised, but no one else has mentioned it here yet.
    I have now recalled that in theory those people who can communicate with horses can potentially make themselves a fortune in the horse-racing milieu, by fixing races directly with the rachorses competing and reaping bg winnings via gambling.
    Something else, anyone else remember Mr Ed, or Frances the talking mule.
    Yet something else: do Japanese horses think in Japanese or in English or in some universal consciouness language.

  16. Houyhnhnm.

  17. @Donald T — I suspect horses talk primarily in New Age clichés – the universal language shared with all channeled entities and aliens.

    @lettersquash — I read Gullivers Travels years ago, but I’d forgotten about the Houyhnhnms. Never realized Swift was a brony as well.

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